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4 Reasons to Watch the "Extraordinary" Movie

4 Reasons to Watch the

The film "Extraordinary", based on RJ Palacio's bestseller, tells the story of Auggie (Jacob Tremblay ), a boy with a severe facial deformity due to a genetic syndrome, which caused him to go through 27 reconstructive surgeries of the face. Due to his condition he has always studied at home, but with the support of his mother Isabel (Julia Roberts), and his father Nate (Owen Wilson), he begins attending school in grade 5.

The school period is never easy, but for Auggie things have always been even more complicated. Although he had a normal home life, he was seen as a "freak" at school, having to deal with the feeling of being constantly watched and judged by his peers.

However, with the support of his family and his new friends, the little boy will overcome many obstacles and inspire everyone around him. Do not miss the opportunity to watch "Extraordinário", which premieres in Brazilian cinemas next Thursday (07), if you want to check the trailer just click here!

With good life lessons, this new drama is capable of show the best and the worst of people, serving as inspiration to be better with others. Therefore, My Life has selected some important reasons why you should watch "Extraordinary". See below:

1. Bringing Up Important Issues About Bullying

Auggie at School - Photo: Disclosure / IMDb

Unfortunately bullying is still very common within schools, whether it be learning difficulties, physical or psychological conditions, and even insignificant reasons. Most of the time, people who commit bullying end up having problems at home and the unpreparedness of the school ends up making things worse.

In "Extraordinary", Auggie needs to deal with the jokes on his face every day, and when someone

"The only reason I'm not common is that no one else sees me in this way," he says in one of the scenes.

Bullying can not be seen as a natural game or provocation among children and adolescents and deserves attention to be prevented and combated. According to the NGO "Learn Without Fear", 350 million children and young people are victims of bullying every year around the world.

2. It shows how important family support is

Auggie's family - photo: Divulgaon / IMDb

The family bond is something extremely important to children, contributing to healthy growth. With the support of the family it is possible to feel that we are able to do much more than if we were alone, and that is exactly what happens at Auggie's house.

Because of the numerous surgeries and hospital visits, self-esteem and conviviality of the boy were always shaken. However, with the support of his parents and sister, he created the courage to attend school and overcome all the adversities that came along with that choice.

In addition, the film shows how the boy's mother and father suffer from the whole situation, but they're always there for each other regardless of what's going on. " You're going to feel alone, Auggie, but you're not, "said the father to the boy on his first day of class.

3. The value of friendship

Auggie and Jack - photo: Divulgaçà £ o / IMDb

Friends are one of the great supports of our life. From childhood we have already created connections with people around us that can end up becoming a sincere friendship and that will last for many years. They serve as fuel to face day-to-day challenges, sharing good and bad experiences.In the film, Auggie struggles to live with people outside her family because she is afraid of suffering even more prejudice. However, the appearance is not everything and although many children and adolescents are malicious, they should not serve as an example. So, when he least expects it, Jack comes into his life at school and they end up becoming best friends, including Auggie's not-so-good times.

4. The courage of little Auggie

Auggie - photo: Publicity / IMDb

Fearless, curious and determined are just a few of the characteristics that represent Auggie. Although he has to deal with his deformity in the face, which affects his routine in a variety of ways, the boy is a symbol of courage.

Throughout the film, Auggie seeks to deal with this situation by making jokes about himself, conquering friends gradually and proving the need to respect people, regardless of their appearance.

"I know I will never be an ordinary child, they do not like touching me, because they think I'm contagious, and if I really want to know how people are, all you have to do is look, "completes the boy.

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Boy broke down about bullying that suffers at school and receives support in social networks

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