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4 Summer food tips

4 Summer food tips

Summer has come and with it vacations, beach, swimming pool, bikini, popsicle.

For you to enjoy the season fully, here are some tips:

- Serve foods rich in beta-carotene, they help in the tanning and maintenance process

- Drink plenty of liquid to moisten (at least at the end of the day).

- Take plenty of omega-rich foods to aid in the absorption of beta-carotene: flaxseed, walnuts, 1.5 liter per day), after all, in the summer we feel very hot, we perspire more and we need to replenish this liquid.

Use of foods rich in beta-carotene, they aid in the tanning process

Abuse of water, water of coconuts, natural juices, iced tea and even cold soup!

- Have a diet full of vegetables and fruits! They have countless benefits. Some of them are:

1- They are rich in minerals that are lost in perspiration.

2- They are rich in antioxidant compounds that inhibit the action of free radicals (which bring about early aging of the skin after a lot of sun)

3- They are filled with water, helping to hydrate the body;

  • Did you feel like eating sweet? Enjoy and have a fruit popsicle! He kills the sweet will and has a low calorie

  • - And to continue to raze in that bikini, abuse light foods and help your bowel to function perfectly: whole grains and cereals, raw vegetables (salad), vegetables, olive oil ( in moderation), lean meats, yogurts!

Margarete eliminated 10 kg:

Margarete eliminated 10 kg: "My children were my motivation"

Margarete went through a high-risk pregnancy, so she had to stop physical exertion and any kind of activity that threatened the baby's life. "When he was born the happiness was so much that? I temporarily forgot about the detail of being overweight - it was like I was carrying the batteries for the right moment," he says.


People with obesity may have a worse taste sensation

People with obesity may have a worse taste sensation

Today we accept that there are 5 basic types, and the basic taste receptors are located in the lingual papillae that are sensory organs in the oral cavity Recently, research has also shown that there are receptors in the gastrointestinal tract for sweet, umami and bitter tastes. Sweet: food-stimulated receptor such as carbohydrates, sugar, sweeteners - Salted: > -Azedo / Acid: stimulated by citrus fruits, vinegar, carbonated solutions -Amargo: caffeine, arugula, jiló -Umami: flavor that was described in Japan in 1908 and means tasty, delicious, in japan .