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4 Full-day workouts

4 Full-day workouts

Work sitting all day in front of the computer. This is one of the most common scenes in the offices today. "The fact that we are seated for so long can cause or facilitate the occurrence of various problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, depression, premature death and problems in the spine or other joints," says orthopedist Rodrigo Junqueira.

to reverse the effects of daily sedentariness, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and, of course, the practice of physical activities. There are even exercises that can lessen the effects of working all day sitting. "The posture is something that we know the importance, but we do little to prevent or strengthen the muscles that are involved," says physical educator Marcelo Santana.

He explains that, even without realizing it, our posture is changing and causing damage in the entire posterior structure of the body. "Working sitting creates involuntary vices that gradually decompensate all subsequent muscles and cause cervical lordosis, shortening (for lack of stretching), internal rotation of the shoulders and pains in the spine throughout the day," says Santana. To avoid these problems, Marcelo recommends to adopt a routine of stretching for the whole body, between 1 and 2 times a week, along with the strengthening in the bodybuilding. "It is worth to include exercises that offer answers in muscle imbalance, always with professional help," adds Marcelo. Here are the exercise suggestions:

Workout for those who sit all day

3 sets - 10 to 12 repetitions - 1 minute interval

  • 1. Rowing machine

Rowing machine - Photo: Shutterstock

Position yourself holding the handle at shoulder height. With your torso resting on the equipment, pull the bar toward your chest and return to the starting position. Take a 1 minute interval and repeat the exercises.

2. Pulley front open

Pulley front: Exercise your back muscles safely

With your feet flat on the floor, be sure to hold the bar evenly. Pull the bar up to the front of the chin and then let the bar rise again, controlling the movement.

3. Low triangle rowing

Low triangle rowing - Photo: Shutterstock

Position yourself on the device with your feet resting. Use a triangle for this exercise. With your knees slightly flexed, pull the triangle with your elbows back. Return to the starting position.

4. Reverse Crucifix

Reverse Crucifix - Photo: Shutterstock

Position yourself in the handset holding the handles and open the arms.

For Cielo, managing anxiety helps to win in the sport

For Cielo, managing anxiety helps to win in the sport

He was one of the big names in Brazilian sport in 2009 and is the fastest swimmer in the world in races of speed. Cesar Cielo's last achievement was to break the world record of 50m freestyle with the time of 20s91 during the Open Tournament played at the Pinheiros club in São Paulo on Friday (18). Before that, he earned gold and the record of the 50m event at the World Water Sports in Rome.


Weight loss by doing bodybuilding: how to burn maximum calories

Weight loss by doing bodybuilding: how to burn maximum calories

Data from 2015 show that in Brazil 46% of the population (over 68 million people) are overweight and 10% of adults (about 10 million) are obese . These data are alarming and depict how the population is sedentary and poor eating habits. A few years ago the dissemination of weight loss exercises was based on aerobic training programs but with recent studies and years of research, Loss of body fat and increase of lean mass Losing weight does not mean in many cases to lose fat.