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5 Benefits of kissing for your relationship

5 Benefits of kissing for your relationship

Kiss is considered one of the greatest gestures of affection and love between a couple, being a fundamental part in the construction of a relationship. This simple act is capable of exercising dozens of muscles, helping to burn 26 calories, on average, in a one-minute tongue kiss.

According to a study by scientists at the Oxford University Psychology Department, United Kingdom, the act of kissing acts as a "test" for the choice of future partners. About 900 people participated in the online survey, where 600 of them were female.

The results showed that women attached more importance to kissing than men. This is because, as in the animal world, females need to be selective with their partners, since from this relationship the child who perpetuates the species can be generated.

Some researchers believe that there are at least three main theories about the role of kissing in the relation: to analyze the genetic quality of potential partners, to increase the excitement and to help to maintain the relations

"There are countries where the touch and the kiss are restricted to the sexual intimacy. "The kiss in passion arouses feelings of desire and guarantees the success of the relationship," commented psychologist Rita Costa.

Check out benefits that the kiss can offer to your relationship:

1. A simple good-day kiss can make a difference

With simple attitudes you can make your relationship lighter and stronger. According to psychologist Rita Costa, a good-day kiss may be a way of showing trust between the couple.

"If the individual starts their day with certainty that the person next to them is attracted for it, after a time of relationship, obviously this will be a matter less to worry about during your day.Therefore diminished sources of stress, we have a better quality of life.And not counting the chemistry involved in the simple act of kissing, because there are several physiological responses relevant to the production of neurotransmitters that bring well-being and fullness, "said the psychologist. Kiss is a way of expressing love

For many people, the kiss can serve as a daily "I love you". On days when nothing seems to work, getting a kiss from someone you love can completely change your feelings, that feeling of failure is replaced by unimaginable joy. "The kiss also demonstrates the health of the relationship, since it strengthens the union of the partners. It is an expression of feelings, a form of giving to the other, and of acceptance at the same time"


When performed with love and complicity, the act of kissing can trigger reactions in the whole body, producing well-being, trust and uniting the couple even more.

"When the couple has constant affection, touch, kiss or intimacy, there is the certainty that this area of ​​your life is well, not representing a need for action and resolution. Emotional health reflects in physical health, since man is a all of body, mind, and emotion. "

Plus, kissing is a great way to end that constant day-to-day stress. "Several neurotransmitters are produced during the kiss, which often precedes a more intense demonstration of affection and desire. Neurotransmitters such as endorphin and dopamine, which enhance the sense of well-being, pleasure and satiety, free the body from the effects of stress" , said the psychologist.4. Helps "warm up the mood"

Kissing is essential in the preliminaries, helping to increase desire and attraction for the partner. During the act, hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, are released that provide well-being to the body. "The lips, as well as the fingertips, are sites of large numbers of nerve endings. enough to communicate temperature, muscle tone and other sensations.It is known that the man 'transfers' testosterone to the woman through saliva, which increases her sexual desire.Through the kiss, oxytocin, known as the hormone of love, where feelings of affection are awakened by the other person. "

5. Assists in rejoining a couple

If your relationship is still a little shaken, it may be that you or your partner are failing to demonstrate what they feel. It is essential that you communicate again through simple gestures such as conversations and kisses. "A kiss is a thermometer for the affectionate health of the couple, through the kiss it communicates without words, it establishes a unique bond, and the desire manifests itself. awaken security in the relationship and bring, consequently, a better quality of life, because the affective life is one of the pillars of the happiness of the human being. "

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