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5 Crossfit exercises for you to do at home

5 Crossfit exercises for you to do at home

The routine becomes more comfortable when we have the chance to optimize our time. After all, when we are able to perform our daily activities with more agility and autonomy, we also gain an opportunity to occupy our minds with things that give us pleasure.

One of the examples that makes life easier is to do things at home. Whether it's cooking your own food, paying an account or, depending on the profession, even working. The list is vast.

In addition to these examples, another activity that you can do at home is crossfit. The practice consists in the performance of functional exercises that combine strength, cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, agility and flexibility among themselves.

Crossfit is a modality that is practiced in academies, or places that have an adequate physical structure and also physical educators specialized. However, it also has some free exercises that use the weight of the body itself to be performed. This makes it possible, for example, for this physical activity to be performed in different spaces.

Therefore, if you feel like practicing this type of exercise, there are some movements you can do at home without having to have a tire

It is important to emphasize that these are just a few movements and the practice of the modality involves very complex fundamentals and that need to be followed by a physical educator.

Here are some exercises of the crossfit that can be practiced at home.


For those who already have the most strengthened abdomen one option is to do the abdominal knife. This exercise works the part of the oblique, transverse and straight.

How to perform

To perform it is necessary, first, to lie on its back on the floor. Then put your hands on the stomach or place your hands on the sides of the body. Take your foot off the floor, bending your knees at a 90-degree angle, or point your feet in the air, stretching your legs as far as you can. Lift your hips using the abdomen. This abdominal can be divided into 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Arm flexion

Arm flexion is also a popular exercise among crossfit practitioners. In addition to working different muscle groups, such as chest, biceps and back, this movement also helps to perform other movements such as the burpee.

How to perform

To perform flexion, it is possible to vary the position of the hands to change a little the stimulus to the body. The arm flexion with the footprint more closed, the emphasis of the exercise will be on the triceps. When making this move, keep your elbows close to your body. According to the personal trainer Fabio Aquino, one can start with 3 sets of eight repetitions and gradually increase. Here is more information about doing arm flexion


As a workout involving different muscles, joints and tendons, squats are also widely used in crossfit exercises and can be done at home.

How to perform

To perform the squatting it is necessary to always keep your head aligned and looking forward. Breathing: The ideal is to increase the volume of air inside the lungs, which helps in the stability of the spine and lumbar. Leave your back straight throughout the run. The arms should be flexed. The knees can not be in front of the feet. Abdomen contracted and hip stop behind. ] This exercise can be divided into 3 sets of 15 repetitions. See here for more information on squatting.


This exercise is widely used in the Cross Fit mode and aims not only to strengthen the abdomen, but also the arms and legs, and also provide a considerable increase in heart rate, explains the physical educator Victor Valente of In this case, the strengthening of the abdomen is a result of the need to stabilize the trunk mainly during arm flexion and squatting.

How to perform

Stretch your feet and shoulders in front of you, and place your hands in front of you, then throw your feet back and stand in a bending position, holding your hands firmly on the floor to support your body. arms More information on how to perform burpee

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is also a crossfit exercise that can be done at home Physical educator Cleuton Nunes, of Body Systems, explains that jumping rope works the muscles of the body, especially the glutes and the muscles of the legs, in addition to improving the physical conditioning. But to get there it takes a lot of effort and sweat, after all the exercise is not the slightest, on the contrary, depending on the pace can be very intense. Therefore, anyone who has leg joints, hypertension or is overweight should see a doctor before starting to jump rope. Ready to put into practice? Before making the rope your workout, check out the step by step to ensure a safe and effective physical exercise.

How to perform

Try to jump from one side to the other. Make an 8 with the rope in front of you between your jumps and make jumpsuits while jumping rope. These techniques are great to do with your favorite songs. Finish the routine by jumping slowly to relax. The exercises can be done in 3 sets of 15 repetitions. See here for more information on jumping rope.

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