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5 Foods not to be reheated

5 Foods not to be reheated

The custom of reheating food is very common in our culture. After all, who has the time and willingness to cook every day? But it is important to point out that there are some types of food that can cause problems for our health.

My Life talked to the nutritionist at São Cristóvão Hospital and Maternity Hospital, Ana Paula Gonçalves, and she said what foods we should avoid heating after ready .

It is worth remembering that this does not mean that these foods need to be thrown away. A good way to consume them is to reuse them as ingredients in other recipes.

Meats and broilers:

Reheating chicken in the microwave is not a good idea because it contains more protein than red meats. When they are reheated, proteins are broken down in a different way and this can cause stomach pain.

How to avoid waste: A good request for these foods is to use them as fillings of other recipes; A blender chicken pie or a light meat and cassava cookie are two quick and easy recipes.


These foods can easily spoil if they are not stored properly. If you reheat them, you may have stomachaches or even become sick.


The European Food Information Council advises people not to reheat spinach. This is because both spinach have high levels of nitrate. The problem arises when nitrates are converted into nitrites and these, in turn, into nitrosamines. This can affect the bloodstream's ability to carry oxygen.

How to avoid wasting : The remaining cooked spinach can be used to make a delicious spinach pate


Watercress is a vegetable that helps in lowering blood pressure. But when reheated, containing high levels of nitrate can affect the ability to transport oxygen through the bloodstream. Therefore, the ideal is to consume it in natura.


This is one of the most common ingredients of soups and meats. But since it contains a high concentration of nitrates, it is also not advisable to heat it again once it is ready.


Potatoes are very nutritious food, but they significantly lose their potential when exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time.

How to avoid waste: One way to avoid wasting your potatoes is to use them to make a mashed potato

Sugar affects brain structures and can vitiate

Sugar affects brain structures and can vitiate

1. Sugar addicts? In a way yes, because it affects the brain chemical messengers serotonin (which gives sense of well-being) and dopamine (reward). The effect is not the same as that caused by drugs, but it can, rather, "mess up" the brain and body and "vitiate" and can lead to binge eating. 2. Losing control of the amount ingested or being grumpy when not eating a sweetmeat are some of the symptoms of excess or lack of sugar, a reflection of imbalance in brain chemistry.


Whole grains and whole grains must be eaten to the right extent

Whole grains and whole grains must be eaten to the right extent

Consume whole grains and cereals is something recommended for a good functioning of the body, especially with regard to the digestive system. After all, these foods, increasingly used as a source of fiber, help in proper digestion, preventing constipation, reducing cholesterol and high triglyceride rates, preventing diseases such as cancer in the stomach and intestines, among other benefits.