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5 Secrets of Mayra Cardi not to run away from the diet and keep the body

5 Secrets of Mayra Cardi not to run away from the diet and keep the body

With a body well defined and sequel, Mayra Cardi has several tips for those who also want to change their lives. Creator of the Dry Weight Loss Method You, the life coach reveals some of your little secrets to stay motivated and not neglect feeding:

1. Eating everything, but home-made

I usually pay attention to the food and ingredients that I consume. I do not stop eating anything, but I prepare everything in my house using natural elements. I think the tip is not what you eat, but what you do not eat. I like everything: breads, ice cream, petit gateau, everything. I make sweet and savory recipes. But my secret is not to eat some poisons, like sugar, white flour, alcohol and bad fat.

2. Feeding is 90% of the result

I only do weight training two to three times a week at most. I would like to train a lot of sports, but I do not have the time, unfortunately. When I lived in California, I was skating a lot, but I lost that habit. But the important thing is to focus on what you eat, always.

3. The big secret is in the first 5 minutes after waking up, when our brain defines by the sensations if you are sad or happy from those initial five minutes , affecting the rest of the day. I put songs that I love every day in the morning during the first 5 minutes of my day, while I brush my teeth and drink coffee, for example. I try to listen to a song that touches me inside, generating the feeling of happiness. Nothing to pick up on the cell phone and solve the problem in those first moments.

4. Do not lie to yourself

I believe in the power of the mind always, for good or for evil. The biggest problem is lying to yourself, pretending it's just for today and tomorrow you're going to do it differently and it repeats itself every day. Our brain joins the lived and repeated information to program situations and, since every Sunday you lie to yourself that you are going to dieting on Monday, then you already start the week knowing that the failure has happened a few times, that is, the probability of not working out is much greater.

It is not easy, but you have to force yourself to work for a while. Our brain needs 21 days to reprogram any bad habit. Start your diet on Saturday and begin by breaking down the difficulties caused by repetition of errors.

5. Do not think you will not get

And, do not say (this is impossible, or I can not). Your brain is much more powerful than you think. If by reading that you need to cut those items, you already say that it is not possible, so it is starting wrong. Saying that you can not wake up early to work out, or you can not go on a diet, or you can not lose weight and you've done everything ... it will not get you out of the way. You have to believe in yourself, this is the first step.

Supply of processed foods makes it difficult to eat healthy

Supply of processed foods makes it difficult to eat healthy

The inclusion of industrialized foodstuffs in Brazil began in the 60's. After this time, the diversity of these products did not stop growing. Several factors led to this occurrence, among them, population growth and women entering the labor market, which occurred in the 1970s. One of the objectives of this growth of industrialized foods was to facilitate the preparation process of meals for both the woman and her family, with the backing of offering more time for other activities.


"I'm always stuck with hunger, I do not live on lettuce alone," says Susana Vieira

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