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5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Ah, love! Such a beautiful and romanticized feeling, a synonym of happiness and romance, can also bring us grief, because he is not alone responsible for the success of the relationship. Besides it, the relation also depends on the admiration we have for the other, for the character and qualities, and also for the way I feel loved and complete.

The problems begin when this admiration ceases to exist and when I realize that the other no longer me complete more. It is the feeling alone and misunderstood even accompanied, the familiar solitude to two. This would be the reason many relationships end up even though there is still love.

Moments of crisis will always exist and are overcome because despite the problems, there is still admiration, respect and completeness on both sides. In these cases the relationship is more likely to be rescued, because problems can be talked about and adjusted so that everything goes back to the way it was.

But then how do you know if it's a crisis moment or if the relationship has come to an end? Check out 5 signs that can help you identify the end of a relationship.

1. Little tune

As time goes on and we get together, we realize that we no longer walk side by side, we do not have a partner and the feeling is that we are walking in opposite directions.

2. Lack of common plans

Having common goals and goals is a strong point for the marriage of the couple. When plans do not fit together anymore and each one begins to think individually, it is worth reviewing the relationship.

3. Difficulty of dialogue

A common difficulty for many couples is to be able to talk about any subject. In moments of crisis there is not only the difficulty, but also the interest in trying to talk. When the relationship has reached the end, there is no longer the will to try and the interest in wanting to listen to the other.

4. Negative view of partner

When a relationship ends, it is difficult to see positive things in the other person or praise them. Therefore, we tend to criticize and irritate ourselves with everything the other does.

5. Lack of admiration and recognition

These are the most important points that indicate the end, since in a relationship we seek acceptance, compression, importance and reciprocal recognition. We want to admire and be admired, it is this reciprocity that fuels relationships.

What to do when it happens?

The relationship is over, now what? How do you get out of a relationship that is over? Check the step by step to end the relationship and rebalance emotionally after the end:

Recognize the problem: The phase before any separation is always very delicate, because we always have a resistance in seeing that things are not well and maybe it's not just a crisis. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem to be faced.

Accept that you have come to an end: Acceptance is a phase of reflection and sadness, as it is marked by the analysis of the whole story, feelings of "could give right "," could have done "and many moments of guilt. But if a relationship has come to an end, it is up to the two to accept the past and look to the future to follow their lives. When you still love and admire your partner, but you are not reciprocal, it may be harder to accept, but think you deserve someone who also loves you and makes you happy.

Overcoming the Fears: Looking to the Future can be distressing because it usually comes with uncertainties and negative thoughts. All our traumas, insecurities and feelings of loneliness and abandonment that had long been forgotten come back to haunt us like ghosts, making us afraid to start over.

Rescuing self-esteem: It's never too late to be happy, life gives us all the opportunities to move forward in search of what we want and we have the capacity and resources to do so. With this in mind, think that a negative experience does not nullify all the good you have and do.

Positive Thinking: Even though the separation process is very complicated, perhaps this is the main step so that both can be happy again.

Maintaining harmony with another: When the couple have children, it is very important to maintain respect for them. that the relationship be cordial and educated. It is very stressful for a child to live in a conflictive environment and with different rules. Therefore, do not put your children in the middle of the conflict and talk respectfully to each other about the rules and limits so that they are the same.

Designing the future: Having life projects and goals to be achieved help overcome moments of sadness, emptiness and tendency to depression. Nothing is better than projecting the future to detach itself from the past.

Leaving a relationship can be so difficult because to say goodbye to a love is to say goodbye to yourself.

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