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5 Tips on how to make hair grow healthier and faster

5 Tips on how to make hair grow healthier and faster

Long hair is the desire of many women, but sometimes it seems impossible for them to grow at the desired speed. So, look at dermatologist tips for hair to grow stronger and at the right time.

1. Do not forget the genetic factor

First of all it is important to emphasize that the hair always grow at a genetically determined speed and that there are no products or treatments that can increase this speed, which revolves around one centimeter per month. "The threads can grow up to 1.2 cm per month, products that promise to go beyond that may be deceiving the user," says trichologist Ademir Carvalho Leite Júnior, in charge of the International Association of Trichologists in Brazil (CRM-SP 92.693).

Another factor that greatly influences the length that the person can reach is the duration of the anagen phase of the wires, that is, the time when they are growing. "In some people this phase lasts for two years, while in others it can take up to six years. People with longer anagenic phases can achieve greater hair growth," explains dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi, a clinical staff member at the Dermatology Department at Clinics of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of São Paulo (HC-FMUSP)

2. Evaluate the health of your wires

As much as the speed of growth is determined by our genes, it can be reduced when your health does not go well. "Hair growth may be slowed because of nutritional deficiencies or disease," says dermatologist Denise Steiner, coordinator of the Scientific Department of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD). So if your hair seems to be growing more slowly than normal, talk to a dermatologist.

3. Keep Your Eye On Feeding

Feeding is essential for yarn growth, as during this process the hair follicle (that is, the root of the yarn) requires a lot of energy from the body. What we eat specifically does not help the hair to grow rapidly, however poor nutrition can be a factor that prevents hair growth. "When the body is without enough nutrients, the hair is the first to be deprived in the distribution, because they are not vital organs," explains Tatiana.

And there are some key nutrients for yarns, such as proteins (which make up 75% of the yarns), biotin (or vitamin B7), and acids polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3. Carbohydrates are also important because they give the energy that the wires need to grow, but prefer the integrals. "The foods that can help strengthen the hair follicle are grains, seeds, salmon, spinach, almonds, red meat, eggs, oysters, fruits (like strawberries and orange), among others," says dermatologist Mariana Chambarelli, in Dermatology by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

If your diet is balanced and your hair does not grow as it should, supplementation may be necessary. The ideal in such cases is to talk to a dermatologist, who can better analyze what nutrients are missing. "This issue of vitamin consumption is very complicated because they are always related to the whole, so sometimes you go too far in a vitamin and it unbalances a metabolic pathway," says Denise Steiner. Take care of the scalp

The scalp is the part of the body that houses the hair follicles and its health greatly influences the proper growth of the hair, especially when there is some inflammation or excessive oiliness in the region, says Leite Jr.

For this reason, it is important to keep washing the wires up to date, avoiding very hot water (which increases the oiliness of the region), among other precautions. Many people also indicate massaging the scalp, but there is no evidence of benefit. "It hardly does, it even helps to relax, but it has no direct relationship with yarn growth," says Denise Steiner.

Tatiana Gabbi also recalls that the scalp can absorb several types of products. "Using specific conditioners for the tips can clog the sebaceous glands, which impairs the health of the skin," explains the expert.

Omega-3 consumption may also be important for yarn growth: the nutrient may reduce inflammations close to the root, "which disrupt good root health and may negatively affect growth," explains Leite Jr.

5. Keeping wires is also important

The speed of yarn growth is much more linked to factors at the root than hair length. "The wires are dead structures and the only living part is in the hair follicle, so that's where you have to work," says Tatiana Gabbi.

However, taking good care of the wires and avoiding their breakage helps to have longer hair , which is the goal of whoever grows hair faster. An interesting care is when it comes to fixing the hair: "very thin elastics that are not coated can increase yarn breakage, as well as use very tight hairstyles", says the expert.

Hair moisturizing and the use of oils it is also aid in the maintenance of the wires. "The oil can help in the repair of the cuticle, which can begin to detach and leave the inside of the wire exposed, leading to dull hair and brittle tips," says Denise Steiner.

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