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5 Tips to drink more water in 2018

5 Tips to drink more water in 2018

Simple habits can also bring about great transformations to our health. And if you set a goal for 2018 to take better care of you, starting to drink more water can be a good way to get good results. This is because water makes up more than 60% of the human body and participates in virtually all the functions of our metabolism.

Its consumption is essential to all body tissues and fundamental in the transport and dilution of various substances, in addition to macro and micronutrients , also participating in the process of digestion, absorption and excretion.

Likewise, when the water intake is insufficient, the body may present with symptoms of dehydration, characterized by exaggerated thirst, dry mouth and skin, deep eyes, sweating, tiredness, headache, dizziness and, in infants, sunken moleira. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to decreased blood pressure, loss of consciousness, seizures, coma, organ failure, and death.

According to nutritionist Cintya Bassi of the São Cristóvão Hospital and Maternity, it is not necessary to feel thirsty to drink water. ? In normal conditions thirst is a good reminder of the need to drink water, but in special situations, such as excessive perspiration or hot weather, the thirsty feeling may not keep up with the high need ?, alert. you may have heard that the ideal is to drink on average 1.5L to 2.0L of water per day. The medical specialist in longevity and preventive medicine Esthela Conde explains that a healthy adult should ingest around 35 ml of water per pound. So let's say your weight is 65kg. For you to know the ideal amount of water for you to ingest daily, it is necessary to multiply your weight by the amount of "mls" indicated. It looks like this: 65x35. And the result gives 2.275. Soon the amount of water you are drinking daily is 2275 ml of water.

Below you will find simple tips for putting your water drink plan into practice in 2018:

Give a taste of water

Many people find it difficult to drink water because they prefer liquids that taste. If you belong to this group, one way to start drinking water without trauma is to add a touch of flavor to it. You can do this by adding fruit to the water. According to the nutritionist at the Hospital and Maternity St. Kitts, Cintya Bassi it is possible to add pieces of fruit such as watermelon, lemon, apple, orange, strawberry; mint or cinnamon stick, clove and ginger.

Use technology to your advantage

Not always remember that remember that it is necessary to drink water. When this happens, it is possible to resort to technology. One way is to put a warning on your cellphone every half hour for example.

Always have a bottle of water with you

As it is not always when we are near a drinking fountain or a water filter, it is important to always hold a small bottle of water. This habit helps to always keep in mind that it is necessary to drink water regularly and also helps bring satiety to the body as it keeps the stomach relatively full. In addition, it is also possible to stipulate times for drinking water throughout the day, such as before lunch, fasting, between meals and before bedtime.

Prioritize water consumption

If your goal is to increase water consumption, some modifications need to be made. One is trying to substitute sugary drinks (such as sodas and processed juices) for water, since these drinks are often rich in sugar and empty calories, which have no nutrients. One way to have more motivation to make this change is to know the benefits that water can bring to your body, such as controlling blood pressure, protecting the heart, improving body function, increasing stamina, cleansing the body, protecting the body. body against kidney stone and even protect the eyes.

Consume foods rich in water

Food is also a way of contributing to the body's hydration. The nutritionist Cintya indicates foods like cucumber, melon, watermelon, strawberry, zucchini and tomato. It is worth noting that only the consumption of these foods is not enough to supply the amount of water we need daily. Remember the calculation we did up there? Therefore it is important to balance water consumption with food.

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