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5 Warning signs that your child is chubby

5 Warning signs that your child is chubby

Currently, the number of overweight children causes apprehension: one-third of Brazilian children aged 5 to 9 years are already overweight or obese, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics ( IBGE).

What happens is that many parents do not realize when this problem begins. "There are also those who perceive, but do not take steps to prevent overweight from becoming child obesity," says endocrinopediatrist Felipe Moni Lora, Hospital Infantil Sabará (SP).

But we must act. Childhood obesity can lead to several serious health consequences, such as the development of adult diseases as early as childhood. "It is important to remember that this is the phase of formation of adipose tissue, so these children have already started life with a wrong development of fat accumulation," he points out. the endocrinologist Cristina Blankenburg of Hospital Santa Luzia (DF).

The specialist also points out that the child is left with this metabolic memory of being overweight, which makes weight loss even more difficult. It is no wonder that every five children with childhood obesity, four will remain so in adulthood.

But detecting early signs can prevent all this. Therefore, experts have listed what parents should look for to understand if the child can develop childhood obesity:

1 - Localized fat accumulation

Depending on the growth phase, it is normal for the child to have a more prominent belly, which will be lost during the spurt. However, if the infant is very fat located in the abdomen, chin and other parts of the body, it is worth talking to the pediatrician.

"The doctor will be able to analyze the relationship between weight and height of your child, already that child BMI is calculated differently from that of adults, "explains endocrinologist Renato Zilli, Moriah Hospital (SP).

However, know how the body accumulates fat is something particular and varies from family to family. Many people have a tendency to have more fat tissue in their belly, which is a more dangerous fat for their health.

2 - Child much bigger than little friends

Children who are much more chubby than their little friends of the same age can also being overweight. Although each child is different from the other, they grow and gain weight in a very similar pattern. So if your child is a lot bigger than other children his age, talk to your pediatrician. "Another way to check this is to see if your child wears clothes that are much larger than your age. he is four years old and is already using adult P, for example, it is a sign that there may be something wrong, "says physical education educator Vera Perino, a specialist in childhood obesity and president of the Movere Institute.

3 - Wrong eating habits

Today, most cases of childhood obesity occur due to poor eating habits. "It is rare to see an obese child due to hormonal factors, although this is a possible cause," says Felipe Lora.

Normally, children with childhood obesity tend to have a hypercaloric diet: they prefer sweets, snacks and soft drinks, and parents do not limit this consumption.

"This is especially true when infants come into contact with these foods in early childhood," says endocrinopediatrist Felipe Moni Lora.

According to data from the National Health Survey of 2013, conducted by IBGE, 60.8% of children under 2 years of age ate cookies, biscuits or cake, and 32.3% took soda or artificial juice.

Another food behavior that may draw attention is the child can not wait for mealtimes to eat. "This may indicate that food is composed of foods that are too caloric and poor in fiber, so they do not bring satiety," says Lora.In addition, the child may have a tendency to "pinch" many foods per habit rather than out of hunger, an attitude that can also lead to obesity.

4 - Reduced physical fitness

Children who get tired of playing and running too fast may be showing another warning to parents. "In general, children do not get tired easily, which may indicate that they are overweight, which makes their movements more difficult," says Vera.

Even children who are not yet with childhood obesity may have lower physical fitness "Today, children are exercising less and less, and this can occur both through the offer of online games and the parents' fear of letting their children play in the street," explains Vera Perino.

However, sedentary children may be obese adults in the future, as they are not accustomed to exercise and may accumulate fat when the metabolism is less active.

The endocrinologist Cristina also points out that the problem of lack of physical endurance may be due to feeding. "Well-nourished children have more energy. Too much carbohydrate-rich food, such as breads and sweets, is not adequate nutrition and can cause fatigue," he explains. to lead the obese child to social isolation. After all, it is not called to compose teams in physical education, and often because it is a different size from the others, it can be joked. "In these situations, the child begins to isolate himself and does not want to play with the little friends or to go to school due to verbal abuse and verbal abuse, "says Vera.

In addition to having to intervene in school so that these games cease, it is important to look for a pediatrician and verify that the child is not overweight obesity and follow the professional's guidelines to make your child healthier.

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