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5 Ways to lose weight without going to the gym or dieting

5 Ways to lose weight without going to the gym or dieting

To lose weight you need to have a balanced diet, allied to physical exercises. Right? Yes, but that's not the only way to burn calories. Here are some suggestions for activities that can help you lose weight without going to the gym.


Instead of just focusing on exercise, having quality sleep also helps you lose weight. According to a recent survey by the British university King's College, although not everyone is affected in the same way, sleeping less than seven hours a night can make people eat more.

This is because according to the researchers, one night sleep poorly sleep is able to affect two key hormone-related hunger by raising the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates certain hypothalamic neurons, causing an increase in appetite. And by eliminating the hormone leptin, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus that the body already has enough reserves, that is, that we are satiated, and the appetite should be inhibited.

Taking a hot bath

Another alternative to burn calories is take a hot shower. A study by the University of Loughborough found that people who took a one hour bath at a temperature of 40 degrees burned about 140 calories. That's the equivalent of a half hour walk. The process also helped control blood sugar levels.

The researchers said that hot baths increase the levels of proteins that in turn help regulate blood sugar. They say that "passive heating" is also a potential therapy for metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes.


Crying in a stressful situation can be a good sign. A study at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota found that tears release hormones that represent physical or emotional exhaustion.

When we cry our body releases a hormone called andrenocorticotrophic, it helps to decrease the levels of cortisol, hormone linked to nervousness, anxiety and panic. When cortisol levels are high, the adrenal glands become overloaded, causing high fluid retention and accumulation of fat in the body.

This increases the sense of well-being, which also avoids the gain of

Watching Horror Movies

A survey conducted by Nottingham Trent University, in partnership with Coventry University, both in the UK, revealed that watching horror movies can aid in weight loss and increase immunity in the body .

According to the research, weight loss is related to the fact that it is an experience that we would never have in our daily lives. Thus, catharsis results in the release of emotions that we tend to repress. Therefore, watching works of the type makes you activate two possible answers: fight or flight, which ends up releasing a lot of adrenaline ...

In this way, the release of adrenaline increases the heart beat, which accelerates metabolism and consumption of energy, resulting in weight loss.

A study by the brand Upbeat Active found that sex is the only physical activity capable of recruiting all the muscles of the body, which are all 657.

The research explains that in bed, all muscles are important. All skeletal musculature is essential for movement, no matter how vigorous it is. All autonomous (involuntary) muscles work in digestion, respiration, circulation, and bodily function. And, of course, heart muscles are essential for pumping blood to the right places.

To enjoy the full benefits of sex, it is worth noting that the study indicates that the ratio should last for more than 30 minutes. >

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