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5 Ways to use condoms to get more pleasure in sex

5 Ways to use condoms to get more pleasure in sex

Sex ends in bed but does not necessarily begin in her The excitement can be born of that exchange of messages during the day, the look that says everything without saying anything and the casual encounter that precedes the transaction. To see sex solely as penetration is to reduce the act and make it mechanical. No one needs this.

Just as sex does not start in bed, worry about prevention should not be considered just at the time of sex. Do you know why? Because this also makes prevention seen as mechanical. Think of condoms only in the? H hour? makes it uninteresting.

There are even statistics showing that we are not using condoms in our intimate moments. A survey by the Ministry of Health shows that 6 out of 10 young people have stopped using condoms in their relationships. Among the adult population, statistics are also worrying. About 52% of Brazilians say they never or rarely use condoms.

But believe me. Just like the sex, the time to put on the condom can also have its charm. According to the psychologist and sexologist Carla Ceccarelo, it is necessary to eroticize the use of condoms so that it is also a moment of pleasure in sex. The following are tips for making the condom more interesting:

Keep eye contact

The time to put on the condom does not have to be a monotonous interruption of the preliminaries in which the couple moves away. So one tip is for both of you to participate in that moment. One way to not lose the weather is to maintain eye contact - a provocative look will surely make the moment of the fuck even better.

Put the condom on with the mouth

Time to put on the condom can happen along with oral sex . It is important only to make sure the condom is on the right side so as not to run the risk of it escaping during sex. Once the condom is seated on the head of the penis just put your mouth on it and slide down to its base. During this time it is also possible to maintain eye contact. And of course, it's very important that both of you are comfortable with this situation. Sex is to be a moment of mutual pleasure. No one needs to do anything forced.

Keep your hands busy

Again you need both of you to be involved when you put the condom on. So while one puts the condom on another person can, for example, engage in caressing with their hands. Creativity is key.


"Have you two thought using all the condoms in the package this weekend?" Or "How many condoms can we use tonight?" Making little jokes and little taunts helps to stimulate the imagination and make sex more interesting.

Try different options

There are different types of condoms with sizes, colors, textures and varied flavors. One way to innovate in sex is to try to vary the type of condom until you find one that fits the needs of the couple. To get an idea, some models help prolong erection, while others facilitate penis movement during sex

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