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5S method of slimming promises to eliminate 15kgs in one month

5S method of slimming promises to eliminate 15kgs in one month

Overweight and frustrated after several attempts to lose weight, physical therapist Edivana Poltronieri has decided to study more deeply ways to give her own body fat-lowering subsidies. Edivana thought that the way to solve her condition would be to deflate the hypothalamus. This is how the 5S method began to be born, based on five strategies that together contribute to a decrease in the inflammation of the hypothalamus, leading to weight loss.

After consulting many scientific works, it found research that pointed out that a region of our nervous system, responsible for controlling hunger, could become inflamed because of the exacerbated consumption of saturated fat. This region is the hypothalamus, a region located in our brain that is responsible, among other things, for the control of food intake.

"I saw there an opportunity to test that information in me, adjusting nutrition with the guidance of nutritionists, I also felt the need to have people accompanying me, charging me, since I thought that I would be boycotted, as I had done before, so I called a group of friends to supervise me in Whatsapp, "he says. Edivana. "I lost 9kgs in the first month and I saw that I did not go hungry, it was healthy and I decided to apply this personal project in a bigger research, evolving the project. I joined health professionals, I was building a philosophy of work, all based on scientific articles on that strategy "A study in this sense, from the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM), State University of Campinas (Unicamp), investigated the influence of fatty acids on the function of the hypothalamus. With the work, the researchers noted that saturated fat is capable of generating an inflammatory response in this area of ​​the brain. The hypothalamus, in turn, when inflamed, ends up losing some of its functions, resulting in the destabilization between caloric consumption and energy expenditure.

How does the 5S method work?

The creator of the technique, Edivana, has established five pillars that involve the process of weight loss, which is accompanied by several medical specialties. The points are:

Food re-education, with guidance on how the patient should choose his / her meals and food groups he / she should prefer, but no menu ready

  • Supplementation with nutraceuticals to replenish vitamins and minerals, according to the patient's needs
  • Reprogramming of the hypothalamus, which ends up being deflated and has its function regulated by the consumption of foods rich in ômegas 3 and 9
  • Aesthetic treatments that accelerate the desinflamation of the cells and detoxify the body
  • Support from a group, which usually
  • In order for the five pillars to be covered in the routine of the patient, "there is the follow-up of cardiologists, specialists in integrative medicine, nutritionists, psychologists, coaching, beauticians, among others," says Edivana. The food, made without a menu to follow, is performed with the guidance of professionals and, in order for the patient to feel more secure in their choices, he receives a list of foods that cause inflammation of the cells and another list with those that do not cause it.

There is also the orientation of eating every three hours. "The weighing should be done every day, because studies show that it is easier to learn how to control weight daily and the chances of regrowing decrease," says the creator of the method. the 5S method does not present contraindications. This is because the specialists analyze, within their area of ​​action, the patient's history, in order to adapt the method to their reality.

A study by the Tampere University of Technology in Finland has shown that this really happens. It is not yet known exactly why this happens, but the researchers believe it is related to the commitment to the proposed change and the incentive that the results, measured daily, bring.

The study analyzed 2838 weighings of 40 volunteers, with index of body mass (BMI) equal to or greater than 25, that is, at least being overweight, who were trying to reduce measures with changes in diet. It was found that those who weighed daily presented greater weight loss than those who weighed once a week.


The Edivana method has a minimum duration of 90 days and, to begin with, it is necessary to seek a 5S franchised clinic. There are more than 300 scattered throughout Brazil. The price can vary according to the amount of weight to be eliminated, but the average monthly amount is from R $ 1,200, with daily monitoring of nutritionist, psychologist, cosmetic treatments and supplementation.

Couple eliminated almost 50kg together < With the 5S method, Professor Aurea Uchoa, 48, and engineer Antônio Uchoa, 50, managed to eliminate 49kg. She ordered 22kg and he, 27kg. The project, started in November 2016, brought this result in three months. She had already undergone abdominoplasty, but overweight (89kg) persisted.

She, who had lymphatic drainage frequently, was given the indication of the method and scheduled a consultation. The husband, who was also overweight (118kg) and wanted to solve the problem, went with his wife to meet.

"Our lives have changed, we are other people, we have a lot more disposition, our relationship has strengthened even more. Aurea, who was pre-diabetic, today no longer needs to take medicine and this thanks to our new lifestyle, "he says, adding that they are managing to maintain their weight since they closed the method in February 2017.

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