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6 Anti-cellulite products on Black Friday promotion

6 Anti-cellulite products on Black Friday promotion

Want to stop cellulite? We help you choose the best product and take advantage of Black Friday promotions.

Anticellulite Gel Cellu Destock Overnight, from Vichy, on the Drug Raia

From R $ 159,90, for R $ 109,53

This is an anti-cellulite gel-cream texture that is not oily and non-sticky. The product promises to leave the appearance of the skin better in about a week.

Varicell anticellulite - Photo: Divulgative

Varicell for Cellulite, from Divcom, at BiFarma

From R $ 60, it will be reduced in two weeks and the silhouette will become shorter from the first month. 00, for R $ 38,99

The product is suitable for all skin types and can reduce the appearance of cellulite, combat sagging, softening the dreaded "orange peel" effect.

Vichy - Photo:

Cellu Cream Destock Vichy Flash Serum at NetFarma

From R $ 191.88, to R $ 159.90

The product serves as an intensive anti-cellulite treatment, suitable for women who want combat the visible appearance of the furrows, smooth the skin tone and improve the appearance of the thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and arms.

Lierac - Photo: Disclosure

Lierac Body Slim Oil from Cosmetics

From R $ 106,11, to R $ 79,57

The product is a non-greasy, non-greasy, two-phase anti-cellulite satin oil, which effectively and safely resists water retention and perforation, including for pregnant and lactating women

Biomarine - Photo: Disclosure

Slim Control Cellu Resistant Expert, from BioMarine, at Kutis Beauté

From R $ 119.90, to R $ 101.92

The product reduces and prevents the onset of cellulite, reducing localized fat by up to 90% and improving 98% the appearance of "orange peel". Improves skin hydration 100%, increasing firmness and improving skin smoothness. Visible results in 14 days of use

Vichy - Photo: Disclosure

Lipo-Peel Cream Viby Celu-Alisante microabrasion in Cosmetics

From R $ 41,72, to R $ 31,28

Cream promotes a deep exfoliation of the skin to eliminate the bad aspect caused by cellulite. It allows the elimination of fats in the deep layers of the skin and stimulates the drainage of fluid retention. Visible results after 4 weeks of use.

Progressive toothbrush: discover the 15 biggest doubts

Progressive toothbrush: discover the 15 biggest doubts

Double tips, dry hair, bulky hair , without form or undisciplined, the fact is that there is no woman who is not dissatisfied with the appearance of the locks. And among the reasons for going to salons is one of the most requested procedures for hairdressers in recent times and the most controversial of smoothing: the progressive brush.


Plastic surgery can reduce the size of the areolas and nipples

Plastic surgery can reduce the size of the areolas and nipples

Much is said about the wonders that plastic surgery can do with women's breasts. However, there are details on the breasts that also upset women, especially in the areolas and nipples. To differentiate, the areola is the circular area (color tone different from the rest of the breast) usually circular that is around the nipple that is centralized and has relief and projection forward of the breast.