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6 Benefits of the isometric board and tips to get started

6 Benefits of the isometric board and tips to get started

Practical, efficient and fast, the isometric board can be made without leaving home, without any type of device or accessory and still exercises your entire body. How about including her in her routine? Here are the benefits the exercise will bring to your body:

1. It makes your body stronger.

This exercise manages to work a very important region of the body: the core, the belt that surrounds the region of the abdomen of the spine and which is composed of 29 pairs of muscles. "This central region brings many benefits to the entire body," says Professor Fabrício Reimberg of the Just Fit academy. When exercising this muscle group, you will strengthen the abdomen, lumbar, buttocks and obliques, gaining more strength to perform other exercises of your workout.

2. It accelerates the metabolism

The isometric exercises consist of being stopped in a position for a few seconds (and even minutes), exactly what happens in the execution of the board. "Being an isometry, you will work the whole body to sustain the position and this stabilization to maintain the balance ends up accelerating the metabolism", reinforces the teacher. Prevents injuries

"With the strengthening of the core, the board will help prevent injuries to the herniated disc, spine and lower back, for example," says Fabrício. In addition, the American Board of Exercise recommends boarding to reduce famed back pain because its high strengthening power helps support the upper body.

4. Improves posture

In addition to a defined body, you can also gain a correct posture with the practice of the board. "This happens because when you have the strong muscles of the central region of the body and the abdominal muscles, the natural movement of the body is to leave the posture more upright, because of the support," says Fabrício. Will you balance

Do you know when you will stretch and need to lean on one leg, but in a few seconds lose balance? This can be solved by the board. "The challenge of staying stabilized during exercise without leaving the position will leave the body more balanced over time and practice," says Professor. You'll be more motivated

Because it involves varying difficulty levels and variations, the board is often challenging. With the evolution of practice, you will set yourself goals to last longer. "The challenge you will create for yourself brings an emotional and motivating gain," Reimberg reveals.

board variations - Photo: Thinkstock

Tips to get started

In the first few days, you can do the exercise with the knees on the floor. "Over time, increase the level of difficulty," says Fabrício. To make it hard, you can add more seconds in position every week or until you exercise with one of your feet or one of your hands raised, for example.

Can I do it every day?

"Yes, you can. to determine a specific time for each execution, since it varies greatly for each person, so hold the position for the time you hold, "says the teacher. That way, in the first week start with three sets of how many seconds to bear (without leaving the right posture, okay?). "Even if time is low, what matters is the stabilization of the body, leaving it all in line, with the trunk upright and without the hip lift, that will bring benefits."

Long-term advantages

Over time, you will feel your body transform. "In addition to feeling the abdomen stronger, depending on the level and intensity of the performance of the board, the musculature of the region will be more defined. This, of course, through a controlled diet to provide the fat loss of the region," says the professional. Therefore, exercises + balanced nutrition = formula of success.

Errors to avoid

When trying to stay on the board for longer, many people end up leaving the position. "Having a tight neck or trying to hold it longer than the body supports can lead to injury," he said. When in doubt, evolve in exercise only when you feel that running is getting "more comfortable" when it is almost easy. Only then raise the challenge.

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