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6 Exercises to strengthen and reduce back fats

6 Exercises to strengthen and reduce back fats

The ease in eliminating or gaining fat in the back has to do with genetic factors and food. But there are some attitudes that can help decrease the buildup of fat in the area.

It is important to follow a daily exercise plan (muscle and aerobic). The most indicated aerobic exercises are swimming, rowing, stand up paddle, because they work a lot in the back region, and define these muscles very well. It is also necessary to take care of food. So it's important to look for a nutritionist and follow a diet program so that body fat indexes decrease

Here are some bodybuilding and aerobic exercises that can exercise on your back.

Standing oblique with a halter

For perform this exercise the practitioner should stand with the legs apart and holding a halter should do a lateral trunk flexion then returning to the starting point. Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Lumbar flexion lying down

Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs extended and perform the lumbar flexion motion by moving your torso and legs upwards. Hold in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise in 4 supports

Stand in the position of 4 supports as pictured and slowly perform a simultaneous movement by taking one leg and the arm opposite the floor until they are on the same line as the trunk. Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side.

Seated lumbar flexion

Sit on a bench or chair, place both hands at the nape of the neck and slowly perform a movement bringing the torso toward the back. floor, and then rise slowly as well.


Just like the backstroke, the force pulled to pull the water strengthens the chest muscles and places the shoulders in place. Rowing is also well indicated for boosting physical endurance, improving flexibility and offering low injury risk.


Although swimming is valid as aerobic activity, it is the backstroke mode that will work muscles in a highly efficient way. With the movement of the arms to push the body forward, the person stretches the entire chain of anterior muscles, that is, the chest, and strengthens the muscles of the back. This contributes to a better posture.

Stretching: Tips to do at home

Stretching: Tips to do at home

When practicing physical activity, you always hear about the need to "stretch" before performing the most impactful exercises. But will you know why and how important these preliminaries are? Stretching is done by stretching the body tissues, moving the muscle away from one point to the other, in order to give more agility and increase the range of muscle movement and of elasticity.


Fasting exercises burns muscles and preserves fats

Fasting exercises burns muscles and preserves fats

The wisdom of the human body has no limits. The control mechanism of life and survival is one that makes the human species a winner in adaptation over the centuries of development. This control passes through the energy management efficiency used to produce displacement work to to obtain food, to reproduce the species, and to defeat enemies, all supervised by a privileged brain that guarantees vital, intellectual and cognitive functions.