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6 Foods that helped blogger Adriana Thyssen to lose 45kg

6 Foods that helped blogger Adriana Thyssen to lose 45kg

Blogger Adriana Thyssen made an inspiration for eliminate 45 kg without surgery. She has changed her eating habits, and has shown that it is possible to eat well and with little money.

At Instagram, Adriana gives tips for people to change the menu with super foods. So it is possible to lose weight by eating things that will not affect your budget.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato helps to lose weight - photo: getty images

Sweet potatoes are a very healthy carbohydrate source and beneficial to the diet. Because it is rich in fiber, it is considered a food with a medium glycemic index, that is, it gradually increases glycaemia. In this way carbohydrates are digested more slowly, providing energy to the body gradually, not raising insulin levels and thus can aid in weight loss.

Sweet potatoes are rich in Iron, Calcium, and have immunomodulatory properties, which they act by modulating and activating cellular components and their chemical mediators, thus increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.


Tapioca helps to lose weight - photo: getty images

This typical Brazilian food has been highlighted in recent years by not contain gluten, being substitute of the classic bun. Tapioca is rich in starch which is a great source of carbohydrates, which are essential for brain functioning and allies of good mood.


Eggs help to lose weight - photo: getty images

It is not just for weight loss that the egg is good. The egg is a complete protein, has the amount of essential amino acids that the body can not manufacture and has only 5 grams of fat, with only 1 gram of saturated. The food also has nutrients with antioxidant action such as carotenoids, vitamin A and E, folic acid, zinc, magnesium and selenium.


Banana helps to lose weight - photo: getty images

A banana is an excellent fruit choice to be consumed daily since it is rich in carbohydrates and macronutrient responsible for the energy function, providing glucose to the cells. In addition the banana is rich in fibers and minerals, important for intestinal and metabolic health.

Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt helps digestion - photo: getty images

Food improves constipation, improves immunity and helps even to lose weight Regular consumption of yogurt helps to replenish the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal flora, these microorganisms contribute to increase immunity.


Oats are cheap, tasty and versatile for weight loss - photo: getty images

Cereals have B vitamins, which are essential for metabolism lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamin E, which has antioxidant action and thus combats free radicals. In addition cereals are also present in iron, a substance that acts in the synthesis of red blood cells, phosphorus, a mineral that acts on the metabolism, aiding in the activation of B vitamins, zinc, important for the action of several enzymes, the magnesium, which contributes to bone health, and selenium, good nutrient for memory. In addition to all these nutrients, whole grains are distinguished by good amounts of dietary fiber.

Rice milk is rich in B-complex vitamins and carbohydrates

Rice milk is rich in B-complex vitamins and carbohydrates

Rice milk is obtained from cooked and crushed rice grains. It is a carbohydrate source and because it is made with brown rice, it has good amounts of B vitamins, important for metabolism and brain function. Some industrialized versions are enriched with calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin D. However, for milk of animal origin, rice milk is not a source of protein.


Egg Diet Requires Care, But It Can Help You Lose

Egg Diet Requires Care, But It Can Help You Lose

How much egg ingest After a long period being considered a health villain, research they inoculated this food. "The studies with eggs that warned that they were villains were with rats, but our genetics are not always the same as the mouse," says nutrologist Roberto Navarro, My Life expert. The belief was that cholesterol present in the egg would contribute significantly to the rise in cholesterol levels in the body.