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6 Home remedies for sore throat

6 Home remedies for sore throat

Swollen throat is a common problem but it causes a lot of discomfort. Sore throat is one of the most common symptoms and can occur in adults or children. When the person comes up with a sore throat, there are tips for home remedies that can improve the problem faster.

It is important to note the difference between the sore throat caused by viral or bacterial infections. This is because home remedies are indicated only in cases of viral infections in the proposal to alleviate and treat the symptoms presented.

In the case of viral disease, it is important not to use antibiotics to treat them - they eliminate only bacteria, not viruses. Some natural treatments are used for sore throat. So we have separated some home remedies that can help you relieve and treat the symptoms:

Gargling with warm water and salt

Warm water can help reduce the symptoms of sore throat pain, which is already a positive point for the gargle. "When made with salt and vinegar, the gargle brings about a change in pH that may favor the picture," explains Gorinchteyn. "This treatment, however, should not be done alone, as it will not act as fast as allopathic medicines, and may lead to worsening of the condition, depending on the cause."


120 ml water warm

1 pinch of salt

Method of Preparation

Mix the ingredients in a glass and gargle several times a day.

Hot honey with lemon

Honey has microbial action, so it really helps to ease the pain. But this action is only momentary, not healing the sore throat itself.

Thus, its use should be considered with caution, since as Gorinchteyn reminds us, it will never reduce inflammation as an allopathic medicine. the lemon, is a natural anti-inflammatory and because it has vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and can combat the symptom of tiredness and fatigue.

You can take advantage of the properties of honey and lemon to reduce inflamed throat symptoms, but


1 teaspoon honey

1/2 cup hot water

1 lemon slice

How to prepare

Place the spoon with the honey in a cup, then pour the hot water, making sure the honey comes out of the spoon. Squeeze the lemon and add in the cup. Stir well and place in the microwave for about a minute.


This is one of the most indicated items when the problem is sore throat. But despite being an ally of improved symptoms, especially throat pain, it does not treat the problem alone. "There are foods that even reduce inflammation, but never as quickly and effectively as allopathic medicines," says Jean Gorinchteyn, a specialist at São Camilo Hospital in São Paulo.

Also, if you are taking medications and gets an improvement of the symptoms with the propolis, that does not mean that the problem is solved. Even considering this is to stop taking the medication may make the picture worse.

Propolis can come in various presentations and concentrations: extract, tincture and powder. It can be found in the form of mouth spray, lozenges, bullets, suspension, syrups, capsules and drops. Propolis can also be handled in the form of creams, ointments and lotions, in addition to being added to various cosmetic products. In general, the indication to maintain immunity is 30 to 40 drops dissolved in a little water or honey. For other indications it is important to listen to the medical recommendation. It can be taken by all people without overdoing the dose. The only contraindication is allergy to the product.


Ginger is a very cited food because it is a potent anti-inflammatory. But once again, its effectiveness is only guaranteed against the symptoms, there is nothing to prove that it addresses the problem. "The ginger bullet even encourages salivation, lubricating the vocal cords and improving the condition of the place where the aggression is occurring," says infectious disease expert Valéria Paes of the Pasteur laboratory in São Paulo.

Ginger can be consumed raw, canned, as ginger tea or as oil. It is still used in food and beverages as a flavoring agent.


  • : the infusion of fresh pieces of ginger is used to treat colds, coughs and colds. In addition to being an effective relaxant, it moisturizes the body and helps eliminate toxins, and can also help in weight loss due to its thermogenic action. The preparation consists of leaving roots, peels or stems of sauce for about 30 minutes and after that period add water and bring the ginger to the fire for more than 30 minutes In the pan
  • : ginger can be used in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes of the cuisine. It can be found dehydrated, fresh, preserved or crystallized. Take care not to substitute one form for the other in the recipes, because their flavors are different Juices
  • : it has anti-inflammatory action, favoring the elimination of toxins from the body. The juice generates more disposition to the body. To make it more palatable, whisk in the blender with pineapple, mint or lemon peel Chunks
  • : chewing the ginger flakes as well as sucking on the candy, helps to relieve hoarseness and irritation in the throat, but it is I need attention, then, they only mask the pain. Ginger will alleviate symptoms until the body is in charge of curing the disease or requiring some clinical conduct. Teas

Tea is an effective home remedy in reducing inflamed throat symptoms. This is due first to the presence of water, which is very important for the treatment of the problem, according to the warmer temperature. "Some people get symptomatic relief from hot foods," says infectious disease expert Julival Ribeiro, a consultant with the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases (SBI).

Some options are

: Chamomile tea

Chamomile ice tea and ginger

Camomile iced tea with lemon and honey


Bullets, mainly mint and mint, are also widely used to mask the symptoms of sore throats.

However, with anti-inflammatories can be much more effective, as Ribeiro reminds us. Again, it is best to investigate the cause of this inflammation before trying to care for them at home.

And the message remains the same: symptom relief does not mean an improvement in the cause of the problem, which needs to be investigated. Tonsillitis or pharyngitis of bacterial origin can lead to serious complications, so it is best to seek a health service.

When to seek medical help

The doctor should be sought when the sore throat presents with uncomfortable symptoms such as pus and difficulty in swallowing, taking water or even swallowing their own saliva. "Symptoms such as fever and malaise also justify seeking a doctor," stresses the infectologist Jean.

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