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6 Morning habits to start the day well

6 Morning habits to start the day well

There are few things as desperate as listening to the alarm clock ringing in the early morning, to try to end the problem, you turn on the snooze and enjoy 10 more minutes more 10 minutes and maybe another 10 minutes. No way, you're late again. Run to the bath, eat something flying (maybe not even eat it) and then your day has started to be this complete mess, just like the day before.

No doubt we all have mornings like this, but truly successful people know the how important it is to start the day off right. A morning routine with healthy habits can completely transform the rest of the day, helping you to get organized, stay focused, and be at the top.

Here are some essential tips for improving your morning habits. Check out:

1- Create a plan to increase your productivity

Writer and philosopher Benjamin Franklin began his mornings planning what he would do with every hour of the day. This activity will help you organize your day, thus increasing your productivity. Filling out a productivity planner is the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk at 8 am

"Planning my day and my week is a lifeline to my routine, so I can be really effective with my duties daily, "says businesswoman and triathlete Tahra Makinson-Sanders on LiveStrong. To help with this task, Makinson-Sanders schedules his most important tasks first and uses the Pomodoro technique, which is nothing more than the use of a timer to manage time.

2- Make up the bed

Make the bed is a simple task that can help get you started on the day motivated and without bad mood. "When you start the day without a purpose, it can be very easy to let time slip away without doing anything. With a simple bed-making gesture, you start the day more lively and not lazy," commented Daniel Gale, co- founded the non-profit organization Adaptive Action Sports.

3- Exercise

We know that daily physical exercise is essential to maintaining health and well-being. Beginning the day by doing a walk or other activity of your own can help you improve your routine.

"Our cicardiano cycle is very related to the temperature of the body, when it is cold, we are sleepy.

4- Breathe

Before you start worrying about the problems you will have to solve at work or about that fight you had with your boyfriend at the time,

"Learning to control our breath, we put an end to all disturbances of the mind and the senses." Our energy comes basically from breathing. certain of oxygen, we do not have enough life energy to develop and change, "says Dr. Frowley.

5- Create a routine

Even successful people may end up losing focus during the day, so that it does not turn u It is necessary to create a very well-defined routine. In this way, it is possible to develop healthier customs and be happier with your life.

Initially, set a time to wake up daily and follow this pattern as much as you can. Then book a time for an excellent breakfast, as this is one of the most important meals of the day. After this step, do your daily exercises. So, you can go to work feeling successful early in the morning and still have time to do other tasks.

6- Do not change the routine on weekends

Keeping a proper time to sleep and wake up helps regulate our biological clock, so changing that routine on weekends can be trapped. "When you sleep later, you slow the clock and you can not wake up early," explains Geraldo Lorenzi.

In this time off, take advantage of longer hikes and activities that you enjoy. It is not necessary to exaggerate and always be punctual, but maintaining a routine is part of sleep hygiene and teaches the body to have a frequency.

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