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6 Products for baby to enjoy the summer

6 Products for baby to enjoy the summer

Some special care needs to be taken with the baby's wellbeing in the summer. To help prevent setbacks, we have selected the most popular products on the Netfarma website. JOHNSON'S Baby Wet Wipes has formula enriched with moisturizing lotion and helps to prevent irritations from the first use, moisturizing and preserving the baby's natural skin barrier.

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Johnson's Baby Moisturizing Lotion Sleep Time

Locao Johnson's Baby has developed a new ritual that has proven to help your baby sleep faster, better, and for longer hours at night. This ritual is based on three steps: bath and massage with the products of the Sleep Time line and a quiet moment of affection with your baby.

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Children's Repellent Exposis Gel

Repellent Exposis Infantil Gel - Photo: Disclosure / Netfarma

Prevention of diseases caused by insects. Exposis has 20% Icaridina. Suitable for children from 06 months. Desitin Creamy Preventive Cream

Desitin Creamy Preventive Cream - Photo: Disclosure / Netfarma

Preventive Cream of Desitin Creamy

Protection for up to 10 hours on exposed skin. Rash is against rash as it combines the ultraprotection you want with the hydration that your baby's skin needs. Its advanced formula enriched with vitamins and aloe vera forms a thin and resistant film, which helps prevent rashes.

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Avent Blue Penny Glass

Avent Blue Penny Glass - The Philips Avent Penguin Cup is a fun and simple way to ease the baby's transition from the bottle to the adult glass. Its soft beak and non-slip handles are practical and allow your child to drink alone. Keep your child well moisturized in the summertime is essential.

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Avent ThermaBag Black ThermoBag Bag

Avent ThermaBag Black ThermoBag Bag - Photo: Disclosure / Netfarma

The modern ThermaTote holds two baby bottles, two magic glasses or four VIA Philips Avent glasses. With double layer of thermal insulation, it ensures that the bottles stay warm or cool, maintaining the temperature for up to four hours. Lightweight, compact and practical: it has a wide adjustable shoulder strap that ensures greater comfort during transport.

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Learn about surgery for flapping ears

Learn about surgery for flapping ears

Prominent ears are a little detail, but they usually bother a lot. The good news is that there is a surgical technique called otoplasty that solves the problem. This is the most common ear surgery, because it treats the well-known flapping ear without leaving any apparent scar. It is performed to model the cartilage through an access behind the ear, from where the excess is removed when necessary.


Botulinum toxin can leave expressionless face

Botulinum toxin can leave expressionless face

Recently I came from a congress in Paris where a dermatologist showed people who overdose botulinum toxin. He called them "strippers" because they present a totally changed face. The white skin, without color, with the appearance of skin without energy and the totally strange traits. These characteristics make the person run out of expression, making it hard to see if she is happy or sad.