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6 Make-up Products

6 Make-up Products

In the big city, the skin ends up receiving a huge range of products of "natural" pollution: oils, car fumes, dust, soot, etc., which must be removed daily. And this does not only happen to women, but also to men. When we use more powerful cleansers, we notice a large amount of impurities, adding sunscreens and makeup of all kinds, from ordinary to waterproof and waterproof.

We need to clean the skin of impurities and products used in the skin during the day to prevent the clogging of the pores of the skin, releasing the secretions of the structures called the skin attachments.

The more sophisticated the cosmetics used on the skin, the greater the difficulty to remove them, as well as the variety of products suitable for each type of "dirt" increases proportionately.

Simple makeup can be removed with more powerful soaps, more simple make-up and tonic. When makeup is mixed, biphasic and micellar makeup removers are very well indicated. When it comes to water-resistant makeup (they resist moisture and air but they come off easily with friction) and waterproof (oil-based or wax-based) oil-based products are required for removal (oils , biphasic or three-phase make-up removers). They are indicated mainly for the removal of the base, lipsticks, mask and eyeliner.

We have already published an article on the property of micellar water and the function of the water phase and the oil phase. The oils help the coarser removal of this makeup and some "natural products" have been cited for this function and we can discuss about some that have been most commented. An important item is the known action of various natural oils that have vitamins, antioxidants and emollient or moisturizing properties that make them better choices.

1 - Mineral Oil

Mineral oil alone can be used for withdrawal coarse makeup, however, lacks the antioxidant and vitamin combinations and needs to be thoroughly washed after use and can be very comedogenic and difficult to clean. If possible, it is better to choose other oils.

2 - Milk of Roses

Milk of roses, because it has been used for many years by many individuals, has its value, but its composition consists basically of antiseptics, , alcohol and essence.

3 - Olive Oil

Olive oil has also been used for its properties as a food because it is rich in saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, omega 6 and 3, Vitamin E and K. It has some anti-inflammatory effect related to markers, expression of genes and reducing C-reactive protein. Due to these properties it is believed that it can regenerate and protect the skin to retard skin aging, moisturizing and balances oiliness.

4 - Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also made up of good fats in most saturated, medium chain triglycerides that are more easily absorbed by the body. Its properties are discussed to reduce measures, fat burning, hunger control, as antioxidant (vitamin E), lowering harmful cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good (HDL), improving immune system, helps regulate bowel function . It has been mentioned to moisturize the skin, as deodorant, in the prevention of stretch marks, protection against burns, would have a capacity of sun protection 4, moisturize the lips, reduce the curl of the hair.

5 - Almond oil

Oil of sweet almonds is an excellent emollient and possesses a large amount of vitamin E and fatty acids and acts as a good natural de-inhaler, although most products on the market are combined with mineral oil. So with the other oils, it helps to remove the makeup but needs extra care.

6 - Chamomile, sesame and soybean oils

Association of chamomile, sesame and soybean oil, all rich in fatty acids and others have been reported. The choice is usually made to a natural product that has antioxidant properties, soothing, anti-inflammatory, also avoiding the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions. These can be used, but there is a need for quality control and therefore, products made through industrial and scientific work become a little more safe and appropriate because the use of oils without care, such as careful cleaning of the same oil can worsen or precipitate the formation of acne called comedogenic (pore obstruction).

Stretch marks also reach men, but can be treated

Stretch marks also reach men, but can be treated

Those who think they are exclusive to women are deceived! Stretch marks also strike men. In boys, it is more common for the ill-fated stripes to appear during adolescence, when there is rapid growth of the body and hormonal changes, which help the skin to stretch too much and stretch marks appear. Besides the genetic causes, the accordion effect and the exaggeration at work are some of the villains of the story.


Breast reconstruction makes possible the recovery of self-esteem

Breast reconstruction makes possible the recovery of self-esteem

2008 Incidence Estimate of Cancer in Brazil , released by INCA, the National Cancer Institute, the number of cases in the of new breast cancer cases expected for Brazil in 2008 is 49,400, with an estimated risk of 51 cases per 100,000 women. In the Southeast region, breast cancer is the most frequent among women with an estimated risk of 68 new cases per 100,000.