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6 Tips to insert more tea into your food

6 Tips to insert more tea into your food

Many tea components have beneficial properties for your health: theanine reduces stress and increases attention and focus, for example, and flavonoids are positive for cardiovascular health. In addition, drinking is a healthier option than coffee in caffeine consumption by having a proper amount for daily consumption.

"It takes time to get ready and my interval at work is short," "You can only drink tea at home, because you do not have it. I can boil water anywhere "," I'll end up getting sick of the taste "are very common thoughts to justify the absence of tea in the day to day.

Nonsense! Tea does not need to be made on time to be consumed, it gets ready quickly and can go anywhere with you. And the best: Lipton offers 12 delicious flavors, so it's really hard to get sick.

Here are 6 tips to make tea something more practical and constant in your life.

1 - Prepare tea in advance

You do not have to spend precious minutes of your morning preparation or your breaks at work waiting for the water to boil and then make a cup of tea. It also does not make sense to give up drinking because you have no where to boil water throughout the day.

It all gets easier if you leave it ready the night before. To make the most of its flavor and color, tea can be consumed in up to 24 hours.

So just take a few minutes of the evening, boil the water, prepare the tea and put it in a thermos flask or other tightly sealed container to maintain the temperature and prevent the liquid from flowing into the bag or bag. This form of storage also applies to cases where the tea is to be consumed at home in the home office.

If you prefer to drink iced tea, you can leave it chilled at night and pass it quickly to the thermal bottle in the morning

2 - Opt for teabags

Teas can be made with leaves in natura or with sachets of varied flavors, and both forms result in delicious drinks, maintaining the properties of the herbs. When the most important thing is practicality, teabag teas are best suited as they come with the right amount of the product.

For every 200 ml of water, use a chosen Lipton tea bag. That is, if you want to make a liter of tea to drink the next day, you will need five sachets. The infusion time may vary: green tea should be immersed in water for 2 minutes; the black or infusion should have a period of 2 to 3 minutes in the water so that the drink reaches its full flavor. Exceptions are: lemon and ginger tea that needs 3 to 5 minutes and red fruit with 3 minutes. The secret is to always follow the guidelines that are in the packaging of all Lipton tea.

No error!

3 - Vary the flavors constantly

It is very difficult to get sick of drinking tea.

In Lipton's options, you can choose between drinking green tea, black tea or infusions, or drinking a cup of coffee,

So if you order a green tea, the alternatives are Classic Green Tea, Green Tea with Mint, Orange Flavor Green Tea and Passion Fruit, and Green Tea Flavor Red Fruit

Want something stronger and fuller? Black tea is the best idea. With Lipton, it can be the Darling English Breakfast, the Amazingly Gray or the Floral Lemon Gray.

If the time is more conducive to an infusion of a flavor outside the green and black teas, simply choose from the classics Chamomile Tea, Mint Tea and Red Fruit Tea or the elaborate Chamomile Tea with Honey and Lemon and Ginger Tea

4 - Keep a box with your favorite flavors in the work drawer

If you have the possibility to boil the water in the work kitchen and prepare your cup of tea at the time of consumption, keep a box with sachets of their favorite flavors in the drawer. This will make it easy to enjoy a new sensation with each cup and not get sick.

Remember to always put the sacks back so you never feel like it, huh?

5 - Have a special cup to drink tea at home or at work

Here's more the psychological effect: knowing that this is "the cup of tea," you'll want to see it filled up frequently.

6 - Alie the iced tea to physical activity

The iced tea is refreshing and, of a break, it will be a part of the decoration of your table. , it accelerates the metabolism as the body works (burning energy) to leave the liquid at normal body temperature.

If you want to potentiate this effect on metabolism, there are Lipton flavors that can help you: all green teas (Classic (Darling English Breakfast, Amazingly Gray and Floral Lemon Gray), and Lemon and Ginger Tea.

Drinking more than two cups of milk a day can be harmful

Drinking more than two cups of milk a day can be harmful

Too much milk can reduce iron levels in the blood, favoring anemia. Study recommends a maximum of two glasses of milk daily. Milk is an important source of vitamin D and calcium in a child's diet, but drinking too much can be harmful. Drinking too much milk can reduce the amount of iron stored in our body, increasing the risk of anemia, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics .


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