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6 Types of female orgasms

6 Types of female orgasms

Orgasm is the climax of pleasure during a sexual relationship, which can provide several health benefits (physical and psychological). However, many women still find it difficult to reach orgasm, an explanation is that the female body has different sensitive areas.

The types of orgasm may vary depending on the intensity and duration of the stimulus, and have different origins. Among all, the best known are clitoral and vaginal, but they are not limited to the genitals.

According to the sexologist Priscila Junqueira, there are six possibilities of achieving female orgasm. Check which are:

1. Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is a small cylindrical and erectile organ, located in the anterior part of the vulva, being one of the main points of sexual pleasure in women. Clitoral orgasm occurs through clitoral stimulation.

2. Vaginal orgasm

This type of orgasm occurs when there is penetration in the deepest part of the vagina. Some experts say that the vaginal is still the clitoris, because the clitoris has an internal part that we can not see.

3. Point G

The point G is a small part of the vagina that is above the pubic bone, that part is hidden and only appears after the woman receives stimuli in the whole body and before being excited. To reach orgasm at point G, the site must be well stimulated.

4. Point U

The urethra (place where the urine leaves) is between the clitoris and the entrance of the vagina, being a supersensible area generates much pleasure in the hour of sex. This is the orgasm achieved through the stimulation of the urethra.

5. Anal orgasm

Anal orgasm is one of the rarest forms of climax among women. It happens through the stimulation of the anus which is a region stuffed with nerve endings. Although it is still a taboo, this is a region that can offer women pleasure, it is enough that the partner has the patience to make it happen.

6. Breast Orgasm

The breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body to the touch, being very important to increase the excitement of the woman. The mammary orgasm is caused by breast stimulation.

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