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60% Of people over 60 years of age are hypertensive

60% Of people over 60 years of age are hypertensive

The study also revealed that 22% of people over 60 have diabetes in São Paulo. The high index does not only affect the elderly - when compared to all age groups, the city of São Paulo has 23% more cases of diabetes than the rest of the country. The Federal Government's Vigitel study registers a 6.5% incidence of the disease in the country, while in São Paulo the rate rises to 8%. According to Dr. Marcelo Katayama, the doctor responsible for the program, this is due to incorrect life and eating habits.

Eight tips to avoid hypertension

Controlling hypertension with medication is routine in the life of 1/4 of the Brazilians. The disease, which overloads the heart, is chronic and can cause severe vision, kidney and brain problems, as well as causing myocardial infarction. But small attitudes can either avoid the picture or help control it. "Many patients live with the disease and do not know because it does not have symptoms at the beginning," says José Kawazoe Lazzoli, a specialist in cardiology and president of the Brazilian Society of Exercise and Sport Medicine (SBME). Below, the cardiologist indicates a number of habits that, diluted daily, help you to live healthier without relying on the pharmacy.

Check blood pressure monthly

According to the specialist, even those who do not suffers from the disease needs to be aware and measure the pressure at least once a year. "About 25 percent of the adult population is hypertensive, but most of them do not even suspect it, and ignore the care and may suffer from more serious problems in the future." But it is not worth measuring the pressure anyway:

Rest 15 minutes before, in a quiet place

  • - If you smoked, wait 30 minutes
  • - Do not speak during the procedure
  • - Stay lying or sitting during the process
  • - Empty the bladder
  • - After physical exercise, wait 30 minutes
  • - Do not drink coffee 20 minutes before the measurement
  • Avoid overweight

The large amount of body fat also affects the increase in blood pressure. Ending the excess weight is a great suggestion for those who do not want to take risks. "It is as if the heart were forced to increase the force to pump the blood towards the other organs." When the weight decreases, we often also reduce the dose of the medicines, "says the cardiologist.

There is a range of foods that can trigger or aggravate the disease. "Excess salt and saturated fats, as well as the intake of trans fats, are friends of hypertension. Avoiding them is critical to keeping the disease away and or controlling it," says the doctor.

Reduce intake of alcoholic beverages

According to the expert, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is not harmful to blood pressure, but exaggerating the dose can cause havoc. "Excessive consumption of alcohol compromises the whole organism, including blood pressure," he says.

Calm the nerves

Stress alone is not capable of causing hypertension, but when combined with other risk factors may aggravate the condition. "Seeking alternatives to live more peacefully, the heart tends to work better and the doses of the medications may even decrease," says the cardiologist.Below the smoke

The cigarette should be kept off - and well away - if the desire is to stay away from the risks of hypertension. Smoking is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease. "The toxic substances in the cigarette cause stiffening of the arteries, a fact that compromises the passage of blood flow and causes the pressure to rise," says the cardiologist.

Do not take non-prescription medicines

Nothing to self-medicate and take risks . Hypertension remedies should be prescribed after a series of tests. "Each person has a different level of elevated blood pressure, so it is important to note that misuse of these medications can even contribute to the worsening of the condition. The remedy that works for a friend certainly will not work for you," he warns.

Time to move the body

Sedentary people are five times more likely to develop high blood pressure than physically active individuals. "Regular exercise helps control blood pressure levels because it improves the physical conditioning of the heart, so it does not get overwhelmed," he says.

In addition, regular practice of activities causes an anti- hypertensive by helping to burn the extra pounds. "It is not enough to lose weight, it is necessary to reduce this fat mass," he explains. "Physical activity facilitates blood circulation, improves oxygenation and automatically collaborates to reduce high blood pressure," says José Kawazoe Lazzoli.

Lactose intolerance: 7 myths that need to be clarified

Lactose intolerance: 7 myths that need to be clarified

Do you know that feeling that a particular food did not "fit well"? Stomach belly, gas, abdominal pain, and even nausea and vomiting. You may have felt something like this after meals. Most people usually ignore the nuisance, as if everything is just a simple discomfort. But attention: Behind these symptoms may be the diagnosis of lactose intolerance, a condition that deserves attention.


Secretary of Health confirms yellow fever case in DF

Secretary of Health confirms yellow fever case in DF

Health Department of the Federal District confirmed, on Tuesday (27), that a man was contaminated by yellow fever virus. The case occurred in January at Granja do Torto and in Brasília, according to the folder the patient is already cured. According to the secretariat, this is an autochthonous case, that is, a disease contracted in the Federal District.