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7 Benefits of Coconut Oil

7 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Four tablespoons per day. This is the average amount recommended for consumption of coconut oil, a saturated but vegetable-based fat that is making the head not only of those who are on a diet but also of those who need to control health problems. "The 100% natural product has properties that favor weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol and even control blood sugar levels," says nutritionist Cátia Medeiros, from the Espaço Nutrição clinic in São Paulo.

Sold in shops of natural products and some pharmacies, coconut oil has two versions. One of them in capsules, which should be taken at lunch or dinner time. The oil version can be added in the preparation of foods, in pastas and pâtés to accompany toasties or even in vitamins. To understand how it works in the body and to know other good reasons to consume it, My Life talked with nutritionists and made the list that you give next.

1 - Control the carbohydrate compulsion

In addition to all these benefits, coconut oil should certainly be a food that can not be lacking in the diet of those who have diabetes or who does not resist a delicacy. "Just like high-fiber foods, it helps maintain stable blood glucose levels and does not stimulate insulin release, which reduces carbohydrate cravings," says specialist Cátia Medeiros. Unlike other polyunsaturated oils, which hinder the entry of insulin and other nutrients into the cells, coconut oil favors this entry and therefore the blood sugar level becomes normalized.

2 - Promotes satiety

As a fat, coconut oil has a differentiated digestion. "It stays longer in the stomach than a carbohydrate, for example, which increases the sensation of satiety," explains nutritionist Cátia Medeiros. With a reduced appetite it is easier to hold the desire to snack all day, a habit that can sabotage the diet and, consequently, the desire to lose weight.

3 - Accelerates the metabolism

According to nutritionist Maria Fernanda Cortez , at the Nutri & Consult clinic in São Paulo, if consumed daily, coconut oil increases the body's energy expenditure. "It stimulates the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is directly linked to our metabolism, which increases the burning of calories," he explains. So, it is no use betting on radical diets if that gland and consequently your metabolism is not working properly.

4 - Improves constipation

Because of its rapid absorption and solubility, coconut oil is also a bowel friend. "Its components act by normalizing the intestinal transit," says Cátia Medeiros. The beneficial actions for the intestine are also valid in the case of the loose bowel, as it helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and favors the growth of healthy intestinal flora.

5 - Reduces cholesterol

The good functioning of the thyroid, favored by the consumption of coconut oil, also ensures the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol and the elevation of HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol. "This is because this gland can metabolize this component in the formation of essential hormones," explains nutritionist Maria Fernanda. With the normalization of the blood cholesterol level there is a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6 - Strengthens the immune system

Another benefit of coconut oil is the strengthening of the immune system. "It acts in the fight against and against the attack of bacteria and fungi that threaten our health and even improves the absorption of nutrients, reinforcing the body's defenses," explains Maria Fernanda. This is due to lauric acid, also present in breast milk and has the power to fight numerous infections.

7 - Combats premature aging

"Coconut oil promotes the reduction of free radicals present in the body, responsible for cell aging," says Maria Fernanda. According to her, this happens thanks to the action of vitamin E components, present in the oil. To some extent, free radicals are beneficial to the body, but the buildup can cause not only premature aging but also the development of cancer due to the oxidation of healthy cells.

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