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7 Celebrities suffering from lupus

7 Celebrities suffering from lupus

In Brazil, we do not have exact numbers, but estimates indicate that there are about 65,000 people with lupus, women.

There is no definitive cure for lupus, however, treatment is essential to control symptoms and improve the quality of life of people with the disease.

To raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis, My Life has selected some celebrities who suffer from lupus and have inspired people who are also being treated. Check below:

1. By 2015, singer Selena Gomez told fans she had been diagnosed with lupus and has since been battling the disease. Last year, she shared a message on social networks that she had undergone a kidney transplant as part of her lupus treatment. Learn more about the case here!

2. Astrid Fontenelle

Astrid Fontenelle - photo: Publicity / Google

Presenter Astrid Fontenelle was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 and since then enjoys talking openly about her fight against the disease. In 2013, she gave an interview in the program of Marília Gabriela telling a little about how she lives with lupus. According to the presenter, to control the symptoms of the disease she needs to take more than 45 tablets.

3. In 2010, singer Lady Gaga revealed in a TV show that she had been diagnosed with lupus. According to the pop diva, her case is genetic. However, so far Lady Gaga has not had any symptoms.

In addition, the singer also suffers from fibromyalgia. Last year, due to the complications of the disease she had to cancel a show at Rock In Rio. Check out more here!

4. Seal

Seal - photo: Divulgação / IMDb

The striking scars on Seal Singer's face were caused by lupus. Although Seal did not say much about it, in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror in 2009, he said he was diagnosed with the disease at age 21. Besides the brands, the singer also ended up losing his hair due to illness.

5. Michael Jackson has been diagnosed with generalized lupus erythematosus and vitiligo between the late 1970s and early 1980s during a consultation with dermatologist Dr Michael Jackson. Klein

6. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon - photo: Divulgaçà £ o / IMDb

In 2012, presenter Nick Cannon, former husband of singer Mariah Carey, was diagnosed with lupus. The discovery came after he needed hospitalization for kidney failure and had two blood clots in his lungs caused by the disease.

7. Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton - photo: Divulgaon / IMDb

A few years ago, singer Toni Braxton, 49, struggles with lupus. The diagnosis came after she needed hospitalization for inflammation caused by the disease. Since then, the singer has supported a number of causes aimed at spreading more about lupus throughout the world.

SUS will have new drug for tuberculosis treatment

SUS will have new drug for tuberculosis treatment

Starting in May 2018, the Unified Health System (SUS) will have a new drug that will facilitate the treatment of those with tuberculosis. The Isoniazid medication will be available in the 300 mg version, which in addition to reducing the tablets, favors adherence to the treatment. For the implantation of Isoniazid 300mg, the Ministry of Health will finance a research, developed by the Federal University of Espírito Santo, and with the support of external researchers in the states of Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo and the Federal District.


Anvisa approves HPV vaccine against 9 subtypes of the virus

Anvisa approves HPV vaccine against 9 subtypes of the virus

The National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) approved on Tuesday (26) a new vaccine for protection against human papillomavirus (HPV). The new drug is Gardasil 9 which includes five new subtypes in HPV protection. The drug has been licensed for use in children between 9 and 26 years of age. Ideally, immunization against HPV should be done before the onset of sexual life as HPV is transmitted through sexual intercourse.