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7 Common causes of itchy scalp

7 Common causes of itchy scalp

There is nothing to give more impression of dirt than the itch of the scalp. In addition to being uncomfortable, it seems that the hair has not been washed properly.

As normal as it may be to scratch the head from time to time (even if by reflex!), Sometimes this itching may be related to some health problem, such as dandruff, dandruff, and even stress!

Dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis, is an old acquaintance when it comes to itchy scalp. It is the increased scaling of the scalp, which causes the white "floquinhos" to appear. Dandruff and trichologist Juliana Annunciato, a specialist in the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and Clinica Essenza, explains that the skin is changed to every 21 days, which generates a normal peeling and is not noticeable. "When there is a problem, this peeling accumulates, which causes dandruff," explains the specialist.

But the good news is that no one has to live with dandruff forever.

Head lice

The terror of mothers of children, schools, and hairdressers is one of the biggest causes of itchy scars on the scalp.These are small insects that multiply quickly and its most common type lives on the scalp, eyebrows and even the eyelashes.

The person contracts lice upon contact with the insect or its eggs, also called nits. with lice, but the main difference is that they can not be brushed easily out of the wires. "Sensation of movement in the hair and small bumps on the leather are also a symptom of lice. shampoos, lotions or even oral remedies, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Shampoos can also cause contact dermatitis because they are irritating, which is why evaluation is necessary, "says Aline Marcassi, a dermatologist at Amato Institute of Advanced Medicine.


Fungus and fungal infections on the scalp are more common in children than in adults, and cause scaling and itching in specific places such as the scalp.

As the dermatologist Aline explains, the ideal is It is also important to note that some fungi, such as the fungus, can be caused by the fungus, which is the most common fungus. malassezia, can cause dandruff, which in turn also causes itchy scalp.


There are several factors that can cause allergies n the scalp that eventually cause itching. Tincture, procedures such as progressive brushing, relaxation and even simpler products like creams can cause allergies.

"In short, everything that goes on the scalp and burns, will cause peeling," says Juliana. In the case of allergies, it is important to first find out what is causing this reaction, and then suspend its use to prevent further seizures. "When it is not possible to find out from the medical history, contact is performed, where various allergens

"To treat the active phase of allergy it is necessary to evaluate whether the substance is causing the problem, it is easier to eliminate its use and thus end the itching and other symptoms. and there is usually an indication of one of the forms of corticosteroids. "Inefficient washing

Anything that involves washing the yarn can cause itching of the scalp, from the temperature of the water, to the way of washing, to the product being used, and to how to dry the hair.

Hairdresser Isabella Morado, from Takamy Hair, teaches you some tips:

I did not use fingernails to wash the yarn, prefer the tips of the fingers

Press a medium pressure with your fingers, without forcing too much

Rinse If you have oily hair, use specific shampoos like mints

If you have dry hair, prefer more moisturizing products.

According to dermatologist Juliana, the ideal is that the If the washing does not remove all the residues from the hair there may also be itchy scalp, so the dermatologist Aline also recommends that the hair should be washed once a day, and the other not every day, to avoid the itch. cleaning with anti-waste shampoos once a week or every 15 days to further remove these impurities.


Stress can also cause itching of the scalp and other regions of the body, but the reason is not yet known. It is believed, according to the dermatologists, that the sensation is related to the inflammatory mediators of the body, such as cortisone.

  • But it is important to understand that stress can accentuate an itch that the person already feels, as well as other , such as nail-biting.
  • In these cases it is important to do activities that minimize stress, such as physical exercise and investing in leisure time, as well as seek help from a psychologist. Here are seven techniques to relax in 60 seconds.
  • Often itching of the scalp may be a sign that there is something wrong in the body as a whole. "Hypothyroidism can cause skin dryness in general, which can lead to itching, as well as liver and kidney diseases, which often prevent the elimination of substances that cause the symptom," says dermatologist Aline. person with these diseases and has a lot of itching of the scalp, it can be a sign that your picture is out of control and you need to see the doctor. If it is controlled, it may be the case to adjust the doses of the medications or look for other causes.
  • Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, can also cause itchy scalp as it increases the moisture in the area. In these cases, talk to the dermatologist about techniques that can be used to treat the problem and increase your quality of life.

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