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7 Essential steps to keep skin moisturized all day

7 Essential steps to keep skin moisturized all day

Moisturizing the skin daily is very important not only to keep the luster and luster, but also essential for health.

"The hydrolipidic natural cloak of hydrated skin works as a kind of protective film, which prevents external agents such as fungi, bacteria and viruses from affecting our skin causing some type of disease, "explains Meire Parada, a dermatologist at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). Maintaining hydration on a daily basis helps to preserve this natural protection and also prevents dry skin from peeling, which could contribute to the formation of dermatitis and eczema.

Maintaining hydration in a day helps preserve this natural protection and also avoids that dry skin may have peeling, which could contribute to the formation of dermatitis and eczema.

1 - Make use of moisturizers soon after bath

The moment we left the bath is when our skin absorbs better the products that we use and therefore, the most suitable to make the skin moisturizing.

"When you take a bath, it leaves the skin more permeable to the penetration of the moisturizer. This makes the skin absorb much more of the products you apply to the surface, "explains Meire.

2 - Investing in Natural Oils

Unlike moisturizing creams, oils are not usually absorbed through the skin but act as a kind of film that stays on the surface of the dermis for up to 24 hours, helping to prevent dehydration.

With the exception of the face, they can be used throughout the body to help maintain natural skin hydration throughout the day.

"Oils are best suited for the most dry areas of the body. In addition, they help protect the skin because they remain on the surface, making it difficult to penetrate micro-organisms and helping to prevent skin diseases. "

3 - Taking shorter, cooler baths

Passing a lot of time in the hot bath can affect the natural protection of the superficial layers of the skin.To prevent this from happening, the tip is to invest in cooler and faster baths. Cold weather often causes people to greatly increase the temperature of the bath water, which removes the natural oiliness of the skin, making it more dry. To avoid damaging the skin hydration, the ideal bath should be fast, warm, without sponge, once a day and with little soap, "advises the dermatologist Márcia Purceli, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

4 - Intensify the When the weather is drier, the environment naturally steals water from the body, leaving the skin dry.

"When a large decrease occurs in the body, moisture, we need to strengthen the care to maintain the skin hydration. The baths should be even cooler and faster and we need to intensify the hydration routine, "says the dermatologist Meire Parada.

5 - Drinking liquids

Hydration also comes from the inside out, so it is important to keep everything

"Drinking lots of fluids is essential to ensure the hydration of the body, not just the skin - it is the best way to drink fluids all day.

6 - Take care of external factors

Avoid exposure to the sun (especially without sunscreen), take wind and attend to environments with low humidity, in addition to being careful with the excessive heat, are habits that help maintain hydration of the skin.

"The climate greatly influences the condition of hydration of the skin, not only of the face as of the whole body. The skin on the face, for example, is very sensitive to wind. Therefore, we should never expose this region without using a good moisturizer, which must be passed before sunscreen, in the morning, "explains the dermatologist Márcia, noting that sunscreen is essential to maintain skin health and protect, including , against diseases such as cancer.

In addition, the doctor emphasizes that very hot weather increases sweating in certain areas, such as folds, which may facilitate the development of folliculitis and candidiasis.

The dermatologist Meire Parada further reinforces the need for attention in low-lying environments

7 - Choosing the right product for your skin type

Knowing your skin type is fundamental when it comes to choosing the right skin types.

"Particularly on the face, it is necessary to evaluate whether the skin is oily, dry, mixed or normal so that we can use the ideal product. It is very important to ask the dermatologist to indicate what kind of moisturizer is best for each person, "explains Meire." It is worth remembering that the skin of the face is different from the skin of the body. skin, that is, the greater the amount of sebaceous glands, the more oily the place is, "adds Márcia.

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