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7 Famous nutritionists to follow in Instagram

7 Famous nutritionists to follow in Instagram

The nutritionist is the health professional who specializes in studying foods and the effect they produce in our bodies in order to enable people to have a better quality of life and to opt for good food choices for their routine. Many people today have looked for ways to follow a healthier diet. If you are looking for easy and efficient tips to change your habits, we will help you. We've selected the most famous Instagram nutritionists to follow and get great directions, check out:

1. Fernanda Scheer

Functional nutritionist Fernanda Scheer is passionate about healthy eating and everything that involves health. In their posts we can find the best substitutions to be made, like choosing good foods, healthy and delicious recipes, in addition to the best natural products found in the market. Check out his profile here!

2. Alessandra Luglio

With more than 20 years of experience, Alessandra Luglio is considered one of the best nutritionists of the moment. She attends several celebrities, such as fitness muse Gabriela Pugliesi, successful in social networks and synonymous with good form. At Instagram, the nutritionist shows a little of her eating, exercise routine and teaches some recipes. See!

3. Fernanda Granja

Dr. Fernanda Granja is a nutritionist, a specialist in functional, sports and maternal and child health clinics, who has extensive knowledge on health and nutrition. In her profile she puts incredible recipes and some tips on healthy eating. Check it now.

4. Patricia Davidson Haiat

Giovanna Lancellotti, Bruna Marquezine, Thaila Ayala are some of the celebrities who seek the guidance of functional nutritionist Patricia Davidson Haiat. With good solutions for day to day, it brings several delicious recipes, without leaving the diet. In addition, Patricia shows in photos the benefits of various foods and their routine. See here!

5. Andrea Santa Rosa Garcia

Nutritionist Andrea Garcia, the wife of presenter Marcio Garcia and celebrity doctor, is known for bringing important health and food information to her followers, as well as delicious recipes. She also has a project called Functional Life, an online program of food re-education and physical exercises. Check out your profile.

6. Thais Massa

Following her passion for sports, nutritionist Thais Massa is a specialist in sports nutrition, a postgraduate degree in functional nutrition and offers healthy cooking courses throughout the country. In her Instagram, she teaches practical and delicious recipes, showing that it is possible to maintain a healthy life and eat well. See here!

7. Aline Quissak

Functional nutritionist Aline Quissak brings a fresh look at nutrition, valuing the therapeutic properties of foods, showing that foods can provide well-being and pleasure, creating recipes that mainly help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety . Check it out!

Consumption of polyphenols, substance in green tea, reduces the spread of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Consumption of polyphenols, substance in green tea, reduces the spread of abdominal aortic aneurysm

In the study, rats were treated with enzymes that induce abdominal aortic aneurysm, so it was possible to discover how the condition was reduced through the polyphenol compound present in green tea. "The type of polyphenol found in green tea can regenerate elastin, an essential protein that gives the artery its elasticity.


Know the desserts that can be included in the diet

Know the desserts that can be included in the diet

The meal was good, healthy and it was according to your diet . All right and you're still dealing well with a lot of hardship. But after crossing the cutlery came the desire to gnaw a candy. No problem, sweetening your mouth after lunch or dinner is allowed, provided you have reservations. If gelatine or fruit - which are the best dessert options due to nutrients and low calories - are not the enough to satisfy the craving for the treat, the nutritionist's tips from My Life , Roberta Stella can help not let go of good form on behalf of a sweet.