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7 Foods that the Southerners consume a lot and all Brazil should imitate

7 Foods that the Southerners consume a lot and all Brazil should imitate

If you've been intrigued by words like radicchio and sauerkraut maybe it's because you do not live in the southern region of Brazil. There is no person who does not know the taste of these foods and their various forms of consumption. Topa give a chance to the culinary knowledge of gauchos, paranaenses and catarinenses? We can guarantee it's worth it!

And for those who still doubt it, it is good to know that the southern region of Brazil is a reference in healthy eating. "According to data from the Ministry of Health, the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are above the national index in relation to daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, two of the richest and most important foods in our food nutrition," explains the nutritionist Paula Crook, Patrícia Bertolucci Nutrition Consultancy.

In addition to healthier overall consumption habits, the South region is also a fierce advocate of some foods not very popular in the rest of the country, but which if consumed properly can do health. It is in this category that the radicchio, the vegetable of the chicory family, and the sauerkraut, which is nothing more than fermented cabbage with bacteria beneficial to your body, come in.

We list the foods of the South that most favor a healthy life, and how to consume them to achieve these benefits! Check it out:


Pinhão - Photo: Getty Images

This only in the june season, right? Wrong. Southerners consume pinion on many other occasions. The ideal is to cook the food, but even flour and pineapple pudding have space in the diet of the Southerners. For example, flour can be used instead of white flour in the preparation of breads and cakes. Creativity is the watchword here.

"Pinhão is an excellent source of carbohydrates", ponders nutritionist Roberto Navarro. In addition, it is rich in the amino acids arginine and leucine, which increase physical vigor and are very important for those who want to gain more muscular strength.

But even though the pine nut is good food, it is not allowed to eat a bucket per day . It takes good judgment when deciding on quantity. "About 10 units of pine nuts have approximately 130 kcal, which could therefore appear as a small snack," warns nutritionist Clarissa Fujiwara, Nutrition Coordinator of the Child Obesity League of the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo (HC-FMUSP )

Yerba mate

Yerba mate - Photo: Getty Images

Lives in the South, will you visit the South or will you just pass through the South? Make absolutely sure that you, at some point, will try the chimarrão. It is practically impossible not to taste the drink, so typical and so loved in the region.

And this is very good because the main component of the mate, the yerba mate, is very rich in benefits. "It has a range of antioxidant compounds, such as polyphenols, which are responsible for protecting the body against the damage of free radicals, which cause cell aging," explains Clarissa.

Neither did, but the yerba mate still has an additional: also helps in reducing LDL cholesterol levels, those related to cardiovascular problems.

The problem of yerba mate is in consuming it very hot, as it occurs in the chimarrão, but that is not why you will put the drink of side.

"We know that hot drinks can cause changes in the esophageal mucosa and predispose to cancer, as a recent World Health Organization study shows," says Navarro. The nutrologist explains that you can infuse the hot herb, but the ideal is to wait cool to consume below 60 degrees.


Sauerkraut - Photo: Getty Images

The word is very curious but it is just food. The sauerkraut is nothing more than the fermented cabbage. This way of preparing it helps to conserve its nutrients and even adds new properties.

"During the salting and fermentation process, numbers and varieties of beneficial bacteria increase significantly," explains Paula Crook. This helps make sauerkraut a probiotic, food rich in living organisms that brings health benefits. In this case, sauerkraut bacteria improve digestion, boost the immune system, and can also help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Again, common sense does not hurt anyone, right? The ideal is to consume up to two tablespoons of sauerkraut a day as it is rich in sodium, and be careful with the accompaniments. "In the South, it is often consumed with pork knee and other caloric meats, but the ideal is to serve it in more balanced meals, with lean meats and complex carbohydrates."


Radicchio - Photo : Getty Images

Do not know what we're talking about? Okay, the food - from the chicory family - is rarer even in other parts of Brazil. The radicchio is a leaf of a reddish purple, reminiscent of lettuce. Its coloring, besides being beautiful, is also the source of its benefits. "It means the food contains anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that act against premature aging and even cancer," explains clinical nutritionist Juliet Marzalek, of Curitiba (PR).

In addition, leaves are rich in potassium, nutrients which works against fluid retention, and also contain insoluble fibers, those that make the bowel work better than ever!

It is usually eaten raw in salads, and this is the best way to preserve its fiber. "When you cook, it slows down these fibers, which reduces your regulating power in the gut," she says. But still, it's worth consuming it because of its other nutrients. In these cases, it can be used in risottos and tortas.

Radicchio is a low calorie food, like all other leaves: 100 grams of the vegetable contains 23 calories. But the ideal is to consume a portion, that is, 15 leaves, and to intercalate with other nutritious leaves, like arugula and cabbage, among others.


Wine - Photo: Getty Images

Simply can not speak on typical foods of the South without mentioning and emphasizing the wine. Tourists from all over Brazil go to the region precisely to taste the best drinks and make the unforgettable walks through the wineries there. And who can blame them, right? The wines are great and the places are beautiful and welcoming.

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. "In this way, it protects the heart, brain and blood vessels," Navarro summarizes. In addition, alcohol helps reduce LDL cholesterol production and increases HDL, helping even more the heart.

But now comes the information you've been trying to avoid until now: Wine is good but needs to be consumed in moderation . Yeah, I could not not mention it. A glass of wine a day is ideal to achieve these benefits. More than that, alcohol starts to be a risk factor for esophageal and stomach cancer, especially if there is a family history. "Excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to increased glycemia and triglyceride levels and liver changes," says Clarissa.


Sliced ​​Galeto - Photo: Getty Images

Galeto is a very common delicacy in Rio Grande do Sul. As the dish is nothing more than the chicken meat, you can be sure that it does very well to health. This meat is rich in proteins of high biological value, vitamin B5 and usually brings few calories. That is, it's worth learning with southerners and consuming chicken in a different way.

However, you need to be careful about the animal's skin, rich in saturated fats. "Consuming these meats without the skin is ideal for health," says Juliet. Therefore, try to remove the skin before preparing or at least when it is time to consume.

Also, if it is to give preference to a specific part of that dish - the Southerners even eat a whole galley!


Oysters - Photo: Getty Images

It's no use looking at the side and pretending you did not read it. We're talking about the same oyster. The seafood is not to be missed in Santa Catarina, especially the oysters. If you go to Florianopolis and do not try it, you can be sure that you will have to go back to the city!

Besides being a typical item, it is worth proving them for the benefits. It is rich in zinc, a mineral that helps a number of body enzymes perform their reactions that guarantee the body's functioning.

In addition, zinc is a regulator of the hormone testosterone, the main male hormone and also responsible for women's libido. "If the person has a hormonal fall and you give oysters, it replenishes zinc and can return the production of the hormones," explains Nutrologist Roberto Navarro.

And the oyster gets 10 to 0 of several foods that contain enough zinc . In 100 grams of this mollusc you have almost 38 milligrams of the mineral, against 5.67 mg per 100 g of lobster, for example.

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