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7 Wart Removal Frequently Asked Questions

7 Wart Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Though usually not painful, warts can occur on any part of the body and cause quite uncomfortable. They have different shapes and sizes, with a smooth or rough surface. The cause is a virus, the Human Papilloma Virus, better known as HPV (it has more than 100 subtypes and the ones that cause warts are different from those that can cause cancer). And there's more: warts are contagious and can be transmitted by touch.

Needless to say, they are not wanted by virtually anyone. Therefore, removal of warts is one of the first ideas that most people have when noticing them in the body.

Then there are questions about what are the best methods and how to proceed from the moment the decision to get rid of the wart is taken.

What doctor should I look for to examine warts?

Many types of specialists can examine, order exams and close diagnoses about warts. The dermatologist is the most suitable, but the pediatrician can act when the warts appear on children's skin. The gynecologist, urologist, and infectologist may be called when they are genitals.

When should I see a doctor to check for the possibility of removing warts?

Although it is not a medical emergency, this, since the warts can spread through the body, which makes healing difficult. Is it also interesting to be quick to avoid infecting other people and resume their activities? anyone who has warts should not go to clubs and gyms, for example.

What methods are available to remove warts?

A curettage (scraping) can be done in combination with electrocautery or just electrocautery. Also used are lasers, such as ablative, liquid nitrogen or carbonic snow, which cause a cold burn and eliminate the wart by freezing. There is also the possibility of using acidic techniques after scraping the site or, in specific cases, removing warts at home.

Treatment will always depend on the type of wart, where it is and of the patient's age.

Is it possible to remove warts at home?

Yes, it is possible, but it is important to have passed a doctor before to diagnose the wart. This is because only two types of warts can be removed at home: the common wart and the plantar wart (click and know the different types of warts).

Once diagnosed that the wart is vulgar or plantar, a medicine can be used such as Pointts, which has been shown to be clinically as effective as the liquid nitrogen freezing method used in clinics and hospitals.

How does the product for home wart removal work?

The Pointts Warts Removal System quickly freezes the center of the wart to eliminate it. By placing the sponge applicator over the wart, the skin turns white and is caused a cold sensation on the spot, as well as some burning and pain. As soon as the applicator is removed, all of these signs rapidly diminish. Within a period of 10 to 14 days the wart loosens and in its place a new layer of skin is formed.

In more persistent cases a reapplication of the product is required after two weeks. Up to four applications, with a two-week interval between them, can be made to remove a wart. If it persists afterwards, it is necessary to return to the doctor who made the initial diagnosis.

In which cases is it not recommended to remove warts at home?

Products for the removal of warts at home should not be used on children under 4 years of age in people with diabetes or poor circulation, pregnant and lactating.

Also can not be used on moles, birthmarks and other skin conditions that are dark, velvety, or have a different appearance (reddish-colored, reddish-brown, spotted or spotted with irregular contour and / or color).

Other cases where it is not recommended to try to remove warts on are those where they are located where the skin is thin (on the face, underarms, breasts and buttocks), genital warts, mucous membranes (inside the mouth, nose, anus and genitals), ears, eye area and regions of the skin with signs of redness or inflammation

What care should be taken when removing warts at home?

As with all health products, it is essential to read the instructions before using a disposal system from verru gas at home.

The product should not be used in combination with another method of eliminating plantar or vulgar warts. Is it important to use a different applicator for each wart and not apply the product directly on the skin (dripping, for example)? the applicator always needs to be used. If it is difficult to see or reach the wart, it is better to ask another person for the help.

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