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7 Hair accessories that you need to have at home

7 Hair accessories that you need to have at home

Proart Brush New KP-33- $ 31.90

This brush is perfect for modeling or caching all types of hair . Because it is a product with thermal ceramic cast allows the heat of the dryer to act on both parts of the wick, the brush has double height with mixed bristles pulling the hair strands and providing a more intense result speeding up the brushing process. In addition, it has negative ions that seal the cuticle and neutralize static electricity in the wires, providing shine and softness.

Taiff Dryer - photo: Disclosure

Taiff RS5 Classic Dryer - $ 169.90

The product is agile, efficient and at a great cost, allowing incredible results in a very short time.With 5 temperatures and 2 speeds, it features a cold air button, which allows better fixation and more disciplined hairstyles.

Clips - Disclosure

Invisible Hair Clip - £ 3.79

It is suitable for attaching the hair and correcting imperfections that occur in some hairstyles O clamp is one of the best capillary friends of women, being a very functional and supportive accessory.

Gama Plank - photo: Divulgação

Gama Plank Italia Eleganza - R $ 89,90

This product leaves hair smoother and healthy, being perfect for all types of hair. Its maximum temperature reaches 210 degrees celsius and its resistance in ceramics guarantee the health and strengthening of the hair.

Bobes Ricca Nº 5 - photo: Publicity

Bobes Ricca Nº 5 - R $ 7,60

Developed with velcro , this product eliminates the use of staples, facilitating and assisting when curling or curling the hair, in addition to allowing perfect and satisfactory results.

Cadence Modeler - photo: Disclosure

Cadence Hair Modeler Spinny - R $ 69 , 90

This modeler is ergonomic, lightweight, compact and easy to use. It reaches 160ºC in a few minutes, making curls defined quickly and safely. Its plastic spiral helps in the formation of perfect curls, besides protecting the hands and the scalp from burns.

Comb Comair Proart - photo: Disclosure

Comb Comair Proart - $ 5.75

The comb assists in helping to keep the product warm for longer, saving energy. untwist without damaging the threads and can be used on dry and wet hair.

Lymphatic drainage is allied in the recovery of plastic surgeries

Lymphatic drainage is allied in the recovery of plastic surgeries

It is very common that after plastic surgery experts recommend lymphatic drainage for patient recovery. Characterized by extremely fragile vessels, the lymphatic system assists in the removal of excess fluid, protein molecules, and cellular debris that come from the lymphatic system. of the result of the cellular metabolism, among other matters of the tissue spaces.


Learn techniques to make teeth whiter

Learn techniques to make teeth whiter

We all admire the clear, white smile of the film and television artists. It is common to think that it is almost impossible to have a smile so close to perfection by modern standards. But to have a white smile, one only needs to have oral health on the day, through half-year visits to the dentist who controls the presence of cavities, infiltrations in restorations, crowns or prostheses.