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7 Amazing Mother's Day gifts that cost up to 100 reais

7 Amazing Mother's Day gifts that cost up to 100 reais

If you have not decided what to do for your mother on this Mother's Day, do not worry, we'll help you. We selected some beauty products that made her mother even more beautiful. The Gift Ekos Flower of the Moonlight brings the fragrance of the floral, sensual, fragrant way of life. , with Amazonian essential oils. Show your affection and fascinate. Contents: 1 Female Cologne Deodorant 100ml, 1 Hand Moisturizing Nectar 75g, 1 Bar Soap 90g and 1 Gift Pack.

Gift Fragrance L'Occitane Rain Drops - R $ 88,00

Gift Fragrance Rain Drops - photo: Divulga / loccitane

Inspired by the sensation of indulging in a rain shower with the lemon-clove sweetness, this citrus fragrance provides a refreshing bath. This composition contains: 1 Colony Deodorant Rain Drops 100ml, 1 Perfumed Soap Rain Drops 75g, 1 Institutional Sachet with Transparent Visor. Combo Floratta flower bouquet - $ 49.99

Combo Floratta flower bouquet - photo: Press Release / Apothecary

This gift combines a moisturizer and a cologne that will bring the freshness of the combination of yellow flowers for your day to day. The Floratta Bouquet of Flowers is a light, fresh and feminine fragrance. KIT Nativa SPA lichia - photo: Press Release / Boticário

An explosion of colors, smells, textures and elements of nature.

KIT Boticário Nativa SPA - R $ 54,90

Exfoliate the skin, massage the body, treat the hair. Simple attitudes, a time just for you, your SPA moment.

Makeup Case Marchetti Make Up - £ 24.99

Makeup Case Marchetti Make Up - photo: Disclosure / Marchetti

This makeup case was made to provide beauty and practicality to the contemporary woman . The product features a selection of 30 shades of opaque, metallic, and extra-shimmering shades that suit all styles and occasions and 3 blush shades to make your face even more harmonious.

Make-up kit of Who said Berenice - R $ 85,90

Make-up kit Who said Berenice - photo: Divulgação / Who said Berenice

We prepared incredible gift options to reciprocate all the affection of the mothers. The kit contains: 1 exaggerated mask, 1 marronli mate liquid lipstick, 1 compact castanhex blush and accompanying gift box. This product makes the hair smoother and healthier and is perfect for all types of hair. It is a perfect fit for all types of hair.

Italia Eleganza Range Plate - $ 89,90

Italia Eleganza Range Plate - photo: Disclosure / Netfarma

Its maximum temperature reaches 210 degrees celsius and its resistance in ceramics guarantee the health and strengthening of the hair. Buy it here

Capillary cauterization: pros and cons of hair treatment

Capillary cauterization: pros and cons of hair treatment

It is a capillary treatment that adds yarn protein called keratin. Thus, it rebuilds the hair mass, recovers the fibers and the elasticity of the hair, and helps those with the most damaged hair. Capillary cauterization indications The purpose of cauterization is to treat very damaged yarns, especially after chemical treatments such as progressive brush, lights and tinctures.


Beard is not only important for beauty, it can also protect against allergies, cough and works as sunscreen

Beard is not only important for beauty, it can also protect against allergies, cough and works as sunscreen

For analysis, scientists placed mannequins in the sun, of which half received a beard made of Barba de pau (a species of plant that relies on others to live), while the other part continued with the face lisinha. After that, they measured the amount of radiation absorbed by each of them. The results showed that those who had beard had almost 35% less exposure to UV rays.