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7 Infallible Tips to Take Care of Oily Skin

7 Infallible Tips to Take Care of Oily Skin

Controlling the excess oiliness of the skin is a daily effort. And he is not always successful. But is it that you are taking care of your skin properly?

Oily skin requires a lot of important care that should be followed every day. Here is a list of key tips to keep your beauty up:

Always wear sunscreen

Daily sunscreen is a must have for all skin types, but one detail makes all the difference when it comes to sunscreen.

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The use of makeup is not harmful for those who have oily skin, especially when the product was developed for this type of skin

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Care for details at bath time

Bath temperature has a prominent place in oily skin care. When it is very hot, it removes the natural oiliness of the skin and encourages the body to produce more sebum, which brings even more oiliness. Therefore, always prefer warm or cold water.

Also, avoid taking too long. Rapid bathing, with warm or cold water and avoiding the use of excess soap, is the way to a more beautiful and healthy skin.

Drink plenty of liquid

Skin hydration can also be done by ingestion of quite liquid during the day. Give preference to water, natural juices and coconut water.

Avoid air-conditioned environments

Air-conditioning is not a good friend of those with oily skin. The problem is that it dries up the environment, which favors dehydration of the skin. Therefore, the body understands that it needs to increase oil production.

If these locations can not be avoided, invest in the ingestion of fluids to hydrate the body well.

Do not wash your face many times a day

People who wash their face many times a day are falling into a trap: when the person removes the fat from the skin face during washing, stimulates the skin to produce even more fat to replenish what has been eliminated. The result is that the skin will always be able to produce more sebum, and the oil will not be eliminated.

To avoid the problem, the ideal is to do a cleaning using soap indicated for oily skins twice a day. This routine is enough to ensure a clean skin without damaging the oil.

Use moisturizer for oily skin

A common mistake is to believe that oily skin excludes the use of moisturizers. This is because many people confuse oil with moisturizing. All skin types require good hydration.

The specific products for oily skin are the most indicated because they have technology that helps in the control of oiliness. In addition to moisturizing, they give a drier appearance to the skin due to the matte effect. So make sure the moisturizer is really geared towards oily skin before using it.

Ask questions about sweat and perspiration

Ask questions about sweat and perspiration

Does the fabric influence the amount of sweat? Does the perfume deodorant help keep away the bad smell? Is it common to perspire on the feet and hands? Doubts about sweating, especially if it is excessive, are very common. Thinking about it, My Life held a chat on October 30 with the dermatologist Luiz Guilherme Martins Castro to clear the doubts of the netizens on the subject.


Male skin needs care as well as female

Male skin needs care as well as female

You may have noticed that the overall appearance of the male skin is different from that of the female. The texture is rougher and the skin much thicker. Do you know why this happens? It is because of the terminal hairs that cover most of the male body. This difference is more evident in the face, where the thick, dark hairs of the beard appear, which do not exist in the woman.