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7 Questions about sex during menstruation

7 Questions about sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation is a subject that usually brings controversy. Some people do not feel comfortable with the situation, others believe that having sex in the shower can be a good alternative. Regardless of the choice, the best option - be it to fuck or not - is to leave the woman at ease and safe. However, there are some health care that need to be taken into account by the couple during the period. We talked to experts and they answered the main questions on the subject:

1. Is sex during menstruation unhygienic?

It is very common for people to be afraid to have sex during menstrual periods because they find it unhygienic. But do not need be like that. This is because strictly speaking the blood of menstruation is like any other fluid in the body, such as vaginal discharge, for example. According to a gynecologist and sexologist Amaury Mendes Jr., when we think of the organic part, there is no problem in having menstruating sex, nor does it cause side effects.

Okay, from a health point of view having sex during menstruation does not it's unhygienic. But it can be embarrassing because of the fluid. A good idea at such times is having sex at the time of the bath or choosing periods of menstruation where the flow is less intense. The first and last days are the best.

However, it is important to emphasize that during menstruation it is imperative to use the condom. This is because it is much easier for a woman to catch some infection or even contract some STDs. "During menstruation, the blood contained in the endometrium is released, so the possibility of becoming infected with some other person's disease is greater,"

2. Do you have sex during menstruation?

In addition to being more likely to get infections and illness, the possibility of transmitting STDs also increases during menstruation. What happens is that blood is also a very common pathway of disease. And this is another element that can contaminate the partner. "It is clear that sex outside of menstruation also carries this risk, since the vaginal secretion transmits STIs, but blood becomes more of an element of risk," says psychiatrist and sexologist Carmita Abdo, a professor at the University of São Paulo ) and coordinator of the USP sexuality program (PROSEX).

For this reason, the use of condoms is also essential during menstruation, since it is able to offer protection against any problem

3. Are you at risk of pregnancy?

No, sex during menstruation does not pose a risk of pregnancy. The reason is that during the menstrual period the inside of the uterus flakes. As a result, the embryo can not be implanted in the wall of the uterus, something necessary for it to develop. In addition, fertilization requires ovulation, which normally occurs 14 days after the onset of menstruation, explains gynecologist Joji Ueno of the Gera clinic.

In the case of women who use the pill, protection is only guaranteed if she takes it right. However, Carmita says that if the pill is not followed systematically, the hormone barrier may be compromised and the woman may become pregnant at any time during the cycle.

However, this is not an excuse to stop using condom. After all, do not forget that it is common to be much more sensitive to infections and even the transmission of STIs during menstruation.

4. Can sex during menstruation influence the flow or duration of the period? A very common fear of women is having the menstrual period elongated by sex during menstruation. But what can happen is just the opposite. "If uterine contractions during arousal and orgasm are intense, it can happen that the bleeding time is reduced by one day, for example," explains Carmita. However, menstruation will rarely be longer, what can happen is that it seems to be descending more, due to the flow of blood caused by this process.In addition, sex a few days before menstruation can do with descent earlier. "During sex there is a vasodilation of the region, which can facilitate blood outflow," recalls Mendes Jr. In addition, strong stimuli can bring about hormonal changes that can lead to menstruation.

5. Are there women who are more interested in sex during the menstrual period?

It can happen that both the woman gets more libido at this stage of the menstrual period, and vice versa. It depends on your state of mind. "It is normal for a woman to feel more interest in sex in the middle of the cycle when she is ovulating. But because a woman's pleasure also depends on her psychological state, some women may feel more relaxed at this time because they are not at risk of pregnancy, which increases your libido, "says Mendes Jr.

However, other women experience so much discomfort at this stage, such as colic, pain and even a more intense flow, who do not want to know about sex at this stage. This may also vary from month to month, so do not feel bad if it happens to you from time to time.

Some women may feel more tender breasts at this stage, which may even increase foreplay at this point in the month. This is because after ovulation (in the middle of the cycle) the body produces progesterone, and that it gets high until the end and begins to fall when pregnancy does not happen. "This hormone acts on the breasts, making them more swollen and tender," says Carmita. But in this situation, everything varies from woman to woman, some may become so tender that the breasts get sore, one more factor to reduce libido.

6. Are there ways to reduce flow and avoid dirt?

Unfortunately there is no method to reduce menstrual flow, other than amending the contraceptive and not menstruating that month. In addition, the sexual act usually increases the flow at that time, due to dilation of the region's blood vessels and uterine contractions.

There are no positions that reduce this as well. The ideal is to enjoy the days when the flow is naturally less intense. "This usually happens at the beginning and at the end of menstruation," says Mendes Jr.

7. Can you give oral sex during menstruation?

Oral sex is a delicate issue at the time of menstruation, after all blood makes the situation uncomfortable. "One idea is to clean the region well and use an internal absorbent to contain the blood flow," says Amaury Mendes Jr., noting that it should not be used if penetration is present!

with STDs. "The possibility of ingestion of this blood is greater in oral sex, and if it is contaminated the chance of the person catching the disease is very high," recalls Carmita.

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