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7 Things we learned about sex after age 20

7 Things we learned about sex after age 20

The benefits of sex go beyond pleasurable and well-being sensations and are very important for health as well. Adolescence has passed and adulthood has come, if you are in your early twenties you have realized that your wishes have changed since your youth. And if you have not gotten there yet, that story will be very useful for your life.

After mistakes and correctness, there are some things we only learn in practice about sex. So we talked to people on social networks to find out what they discovered in this transition period. Check it out:

1. Not all women enjoy penetration

At the time of sexual intercourse, reaching orgasm is still a major difficulty for most women. The female body has many sensitive areas and the orgasm can have different origins. Thus, it is necessary for the partner to discover the woman's body in order to find the area that gives her the most pleasure.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Michigan, only 8% of women can achieve orgasm with only vaginal penetration.

2. Preliminaries are key to good sex

If you have the habit of skipping this part, just stop. Preliminaries help the couple get into the mood and let go more. In some cases, this moment may be more pleasurable than the sexual act. So, take advantage of the partner's wishes and preferences.

3. It is necessary to accept, sometimes it does not roll

Being in the climate is extremely important for good sex, so if someone in the relationship is not in the mood to be understanding and help him relax in other ways, such as a massage or just casual conversation.

In addition, there are other situations that can also create frustration. For example. you made a date with a person, but in the first hours already noticed that the conversation is not good and at the end of the night neither the kiss worked. If this happens, it may simply have not rolled a connection between you

4. Having intimacy with the partner makes a lot of difference

When there is feeling between people, pleasure is unlimited, and consequently sex is better. After a time of relationship, you begin to discover the preferences of the partner and him theirs, in this way the act gains a new meaning. But having intimacy does not mean knowing everything about the partner, so it is always possible to bet on new experiences.

5. Interrupted Coitus is Pierced

There are currently several types of contraceptive methods, but some young people still choose to engage in interrupted intercourse. An outdated and irresponsible technique, since the man needs to remove the penis before ejaculating. The use of condoms is indispensable, as well as preventing sexually transmitted diseases, they also protect against an unwanted pregnancy.

6. Know Your Own Body

After a while you will know the places you like to be touched and even how to reach orgasm easier. When you know your body, you can feel more pleasure because you already know the most stimulating regions. Masturbation is a great way to learn more about yourself and your body.

7. Both should take pleasure.

Our culture still values ​​male pleasure more than female pleasure, but to maintain a healthy relationship it is necessary for both to enjoy sex. Orgasm should not be the sole focus of sex, as it can generate anxiety in individuals. So in the hour of the act try to let go and enjoy the moment.

Emotional age influences attitudes and behaviors

Emotional age influences attitudes and behaviors

Who was never surprised to hear a person's age and note that despite of the decades added, is she spirit much younger than average? Surprise is more common than one imagines and is perceived when one's chronological age is of an emotional or psychological age. "The age, in the case, means development or maturity, we are talking about the experiences and the responsibilities that this person has accumulating," explains psychologist Tiago Lupoli.


Breathing with awareness gives you a greater sense of peace

Breathing with awareness gives you a greater sense of peace

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