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7 Tips to harmonize your home according to Feng Shui

7 Tips to harmonize your home according to Feng Shui

There are different factors that can cause the stress: troubled relationships, failure to communicate, lack of time, lack of knowing what to do with time. In some cases, just put your foot out of the house that stressful situations begin. On the other hand, homecoming is also the time to relax and put your head in place.

Unfortunately not always coming home is synonymous with recharging the energies. On the contrary. In some cases, the home may have a loaded and difficult to maintain environment. According to the Chinese Oriental Philosophy, it is important that the energy of the house is harmonious so that the people who integrate the home also feel well-being when belonging to that place. One way to organize the house to contribute to the emotional balance of its residents is through the Feng Shui technique.

What Feng Shui Says

Feng Shui is a doctrine that has existed for more than 4 thousand years. It was born in China and literally means "Water-Wind". From the time it was founded, it is believed that the technique has gone beyond centuries because it has been disseminated among families and also among Eastern masters and teachers.

The philosophy of Feng Shui seeks to organize spaces as a way of connecting the human being , to nature, to Earth and to Heaven. According to this art, the human condition comes from the relation of Heaven to Earth. Therefore, maintaining a connection with these elements contributes to maintaining health and well-being in balance.

How to harmonize your home according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui expert Mariangela Pagano, Feng Shui believes which environment is a living organism. "When you have a good quality of energy in place, things flow and people feel that difference," explains.

Here are some tips to harmonize your home according to Feng Shui

Free yourself of the things you do not love

When we are in a situation that we do not like our energy goes low. Similarly, when we are near a room or a furniture that does not conform to our parameters we also feel bad. So if you can, try to get rid of the things you do not love in your home. Get rid of furniture and objects that bring you bad feelings. This cleaning may be useful for cleaning the environment. Removing what is no longer useful is the first step to renovating the environment.

Let the light in

Having good air circulation and lighting is key to good home harmonization. So get used to opening the windows in the mornings. Get accustomed to having natural light inside your home. Including plants is also a way of purifying the place.

Take care of your plants

In addition to having plants at home it is important to take care that they are always vibrant and healthy. A plant that is not blooming can decrease the energy of the environment. Just as a healthy plant has the potential to elevate our energy.

Keep your bathroom door always closed

In addition to being detrimental to health keep the bathroom door open. according to Feng Shui, this practice can also contaminate the energy of the environment. That's because the toilet is the place we leave waste that are not useful to our body. If the door leading into the room remains open for a long period of time, it may help to get the waste out of the house.

Correct leaks

If there is a dripping faucet, a sink leaking into your house, or a leak it is important to solve these problems, as leaks make the energy from the house also escape out of the environment.

Provide a pleasant aroma

Essential oils, incense or aromatic candles can increase the energy of the place. In that case, find out what best matches your tastes. Lemon, tangerine and orange essences can be a good way to harmonize the environment.

Avoid placing furniture in the corners

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui placing the furniture in the corners emits an energy that can saturate the room. Therefore, the furniture should be positioned parallel to the wall.


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