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7 Tips to improve your sex life with your partner

7 Tips to improve your sex life with your partner

I have long been receiving couples in my office with emotional sufferings brought on by an unsatisfactory sexual life. Even this is very common in heterosexual couples, as a recent study has shown, which has found that women who have sex with men have fewer orgasms.

Sex in fixed partnerships is not only one of the starting engines for the constitution as , also, maintaining the relationship. And in the face of a desire for quality maintenance of a better sex life with your partner, I've put together a couple of tips that can help a couple enjoy more happiness in their sex life:

1. Get to know your body better

Body self-knowledge gives you more self-confidence and makes you feel more pleasure, because you already know where to play for more sexual satisfaction. Masturbation is a great ally of this process.

2. Experiment with different positions

Allowing yourself to try new positions causes the routine to be broken and new pleasures to be discovered. Often changes in positions help to stimulate different areas, increasing the couple's pleasure.

3. Talk about what gives you pleasure

The other has no obligation to know what to give you pleasure, so do not hesitate to talk and even show places and situations that increase your pleasure so that you can have a more satisfying sex. The knowledge gained by exploring your body and new sexual positions will help you.

4. "Dirty talk" help?

Exchanging erotic messages throughout the day or even freeing up talking more sexually during sex will only help if partners enjoy and get excited over the conversation. Talk to your partner before (remember hint 3?), Otherwise you can further disrupt the pleasure of two.

5. Invest in the preliminary

Preliminary contributes to intimacy and self-knowledge of the body. So you can find out more and increase the desire for each other.

6. Work Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem makes people always worried that they are pleasing each other and become more careless. Reflect on what you would like to change in you and make it happen. This will bring increased self-esteem and self-confidence that are central to good, more fulfilling relationships.

7. Give sex therapy a chance

Couples are often unable to talk alone and an appointment with the sexologist can facilitate this dialogue and help them re-signify their sex lives. If the above attempts do not work, consider this alternative.

Reference: Sexuality and Conjugality, Michel Bozon.

Adapting to aging ensures more quality of life in old age

Adapting to aging ensures more quality of life in old age

Having a happy old age depends on a number of factors, but mainly on how the elderly perceive themselves at this stage of life and their ability to adapt to changes and transformations typical of aging. The ability to perform daily activities, from the most basic activities such as eating, bathing and walking, to the more complex ones such as managing finances and performing leisure activities, are fundamental for a full life.


6 Tracks for you to find out if you're ready for therapy

6 Tracks for you to find out if you're ready for therapy

Sometimes sadness is such that we can not imagine anyone capable of understand why we feel this way. It does not feel like talking to that best friend, who always hears everything, but ... Yeah, you already killed the charade. The problem is right there: you talk, she hears. And everything remains the same, that is, everything indicates that all this storm can repeat itself again later.