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7 Youtube channels to do dance lessons at home

7 Youtube channels to do dance lessons at home

If you are the type of person who can not hear an excited song and already starts to move, you will love this selection. We have put together some YouTube channels that offer dance lessons so you can follow and learn without leaving your home and enjoying all the benefits that the practice offers you. Whether it's to relax, have fun or to burn calories, dancing is always a good choice:

1. Cia. Daniel Saboya

Now Going To Sit - MCs Jhowzinho and Kadinho - Cia. Daniel Saboya (Choreography)

Funk, sertanejo, pop. You will always find the choreographies of the most popular and current songs on the channel of Professor Daniel Saboya. Learn more about the channel.

2. FitDance

Paralysis - Mc Loma and the Twin Leech, MC WM | FitDance TV (Choreography) Dance Video

On the FitDance channel you will find choreographies of popular songs, divided into playlists of singers such as Anitta, Léo Santana and MC Kevinho, for example

3. Camila Carmona

Mc Gustta and Mc DG - Abusadamente | Choreography Camila Carmona

Professor Camila Carmona brings in her channel choreography and the detailed step-by-step of many national and international music.

4. ZUMBA Lesson for Beginners

The channel is not focused on dance, but rather on teaching step-by-step the most diverse things - among them zumba dancing. Just go to the channel and look for the video tutorial playlist.

5. Dance More Online - Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Ballroom

If you have someone to share this moment, what about betting on ballroom dancing? This is the specialty of the Most Online Dance Channel!

6. Irtylo Santos

FAT BURN in 4 minutes DANCING BEYONCÉ | # Challenge1 Week | Part 3 | Irtylo Santos

The Irtylo channel has dance classes with diverse themes, like losing weight and leaving the butt hard. The soundtrack is diverse and goes from the hits of the 2000s to the current hits.

7. Lore Improta

If I Have a Single - Léo Santana - Lore Improta | Choreography

The dancer, who has already integrated the Faustão ballet, has a channel where she shares some of her knowledge of dance in very funny choreographies. Check it out here.

HIIT workout on the treadmill to dry without a lot of time

HIIT workout on the treadmill to dry without a lot of time

HIIT training is an indicated way to lose weight because it spends many calories in a short period of time and also increases the body's caloric expenditure in the next 24 hours . As the training requires high cardiac frequencies, it is recommended to undergo a medical evaluation before practicing. Misivia Avila, a professor at SmartFit, explains: "Whenever we start any activity it is necessary to talk to a teacher to receive all the necessary guidelines and avoid a poorly executed training, and can generate unnecessary injuries.


10 Free apps for you to train wherever you are

10 Free apps for you to train wherever you are

Starting a workout routine is not easy at all. In the beginning, anything is reason enough to discourage you. Be it lack of time, distance to the gym, cold, rain or even lack of money. There are countless reasons why people postpone their way out of sedentary lifestyle. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 applications that offer free training of various modalities so that you can train wherever you are and without spending anything.