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8 Attitudes that make your life more peaceful

8 Attitudes that make your life more peaceful

To live with tranquility is half way to have quality of life - and the dream of the absolute majority of the people. Reaching this goal depends a lot on our attitudes, whether through habits, behaviors or practical decisions to feel secure, whatever happens.

Next, check the attitudes that make your life more peaceful and, consequently, everything easier and smoother:

Keep Positive Thoughts

Good thoughts can be a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and disease. More positive people exercise regularly, because they have a proactive attitude towards aging, and avoid harmful behaviors such as smoking.

In addition, positive thinking fights stress, which can trigger other diseases, and stimulates the body to drive impulses through brain circuits that may even relieve pain from a dental treatment, for example. It is not that it will eliminate the pain, but it will be more subtle than in those who have negative thoughts.

Have a reliable life insurance that can be used right now

Know that life insurance will provide financial moments of difficulty to the people we love is already a reason for tranquility. Imagine, then, if it also offers benefits in life! The Tokio Marine Individual Life insurance is exactly like this: in addition to the financial support, it still has many other coverages and services that can be used in life.

"We developed insurance that can be enjoyed by the insured in life, quality in life.This is a launch in line with our goal of being an insurance company that provides solutions to all our customers' needs at all stages of their lives, "explains Marcelo Goldman, Executive Director of Massive Products at Tokio Marine , one of the largest insurers in Brazil and the world.

Among its differentials are coverage for diagnosis of female and male cancer, serious illnesses and compensation for hospitalization rates. There are also other services such as a discount on medicines at pharmacies and the Healthy Living application for body and food care.

With this support network, it is much easier to breathe with relief from day to day.

Take care of food

Pay attention to what is on your plate: the balanced consumption of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals makes it possible for the body to function properly, which increases the energy and vitality needed for everyday life.

It is also interesting to include in the diet vitamin C-rich milks, eggs, bananas, chocolate and citrus fruits, which help fight anxiety. Already excess sugar or salt and drinks with caffeine should be avoided as it aggravates chronic stress.

Sleep well

A good night's sleep is key to recovering energy and is also one of the secrets to longevity. To achieve good quality sleep, it is essential to sleep for about seven hours on a suitable mattress, in a quiet room.

Deal calmly with stress

The higher the level of stress, the greater the deterioration physical and psychological. It can favor the onset of diseases and heart problems. To fight it, you must eat in a balanced way, adhere to some physical activity, laugh more (laughter releases endorphins, hormones responsible for the sense of well-being), pay attention to breathing and leave the cell phone a little from time to time (its immediacy can cause anxiety and even lack of sleep).

Listening to music that improves your activities

First: there is no bad music. All music has a time, a rhythm and provides experiences according to the meaning you give to it. The idea is to create a musical conditioning for each type of activity in order to improve the way it is performed.

For example: create a state of concentration to the sound of MPB and, from there, keep it as company for studies. Or use that string of songs you hear to do physical exercise to keep sleep awake. And so on, having songs that please you to meditate, sleep, drive - and face traffic with good humor, of course.

All experiences can have a musical background, making activities much more interesting.

(9) Physical activity releases hormones that optimize the body's functioning, such as adrenaline (stress reduction), cortisol (an organic anti-inflammatory), GH (growth hormone conveying well-being), and endorphin (sensation of pleasure and better quality of sleep). They also help to improve memory and give those who practice them a sense of purpose by shifting the focus from problems to completing exercises.

Decorating the house with flowers

Besides being beautiful, flowers influence the well- be. Chemicals responsible for their perfumes stimulate the release of endorphins (pleasure hormones) and help the body and mind to relax.

When placing them at home, it is important to pay attention to colors and use only two or three types of flowers, so the look does not get loaded and stressful. The white petals convey freshness and peace, while the red petals convey energy and passion. In the middle of the way there are the yellow flowers, with energizing power that refers to the joy and the high-spirits.

Multiple sclerosis receives experimental treatment

Multiple sclerosis receives experimental treatment

The results were promising compared to the conventional treatments available today. In a group of 52 patients, only 3 presented some worsening in their condition three years after the procedure, unlike the control group, which in a total of 50 patients, 30 worsened. The treatment aims to cease the attack immune system to brain cells with a radical approach: their destruction and reconstruction.


Xylitol can prevent infection of the middle ear

Xylitol can prevent infection of the middle ear

Making your child chew sugar-free chewing gum containing xylitol several times a day may not only protect you from tooth decay - it may also be a helpful strategy to help prevent middle ear infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acute otitis media (AOM) is a generally painful middle ear infection and may improve with antibiotic treatment.