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8 Common diabetes myths that need to be knocked out

8 Common diabetes myths that need to be knocked out

Diabetes is the target of the permanent creation of myths around you: there is always someone with a "magic formula" to help with treatment (as a rule, nothing scientifically proven) and many people, even lay people, In the opinion of the endocrinologist Rodrigo Moreira, a member of the National Board of the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Meta- chemistry (SBEM), this is because diabetes is one of the most common causes of diabetes. disease prevalence among the population. Endocrinologist Tatiana Hotimfky Millner agrees and adds: "Because it is an extremely complex disease that involves genetics, lifestyle, eating and physical activity, diabetes is a recurring issue among people. And everything that raises a lot of subject matter creates untruths The endocrinologist Cláudia Liboni, from the Santa Paula Hospital, credits the dissemination of information without reliable medical sources, a portion of the blame: "Nowadays, myths about diseases spread very quickly and without investigation."

the eight most common myths about diabetes with specialists, which clarify why they are not truths and how patients with diabetes should cope with each situation.

Patient with diabetes can not donate blood

allowed, provided that diabetes is compensated, "says Claudia. "Anyway, it's always good to check with the routine doctor if everything is OK and if he releases the patient." Tatiana recalls that, in addition, "diabetes is not an infectious or contagious disease, so there is no restriction for blood donation in that sense."

No candy is allowed to the patient with diabetes

All diet sweets , with zero sugar, are allowed to patients with diabetes: cakes, sweets, puddings, jellies, pies and others. "But diet pills have a lot of fat to make up for the lack of sugar, so you have to be careful not to eat too much candy, so you do not get too fat." "The control of overweight and obesity is directly linked to diabetes control," Tatiana.

Rodrigo says that for patients with well-controlled diabetes a non-diet candy does not do so much harm. "It's just one and only a lot of the time," he said. "It's best to turn to diet products in moderate amounts when you want to eat candy."

It's risky to play sports when you have diabetes

Quite the contrary. of sports is a remedy for the control of diabetes. It is indispensable for patients, "says Rodrigo. Tatiana explains why, "By breaking down the body's sugar during physical activity, muscle is sparing the work of the pancreas, which is highly required when there is diabetes."

Claudia only makes one caveat about this "Patients with diabetes have a greater tendency to develop cardiovascular problems." In these cases, it is important to have a cardiologist release for sports and to indicate which exercises are safer. "

diabetes, pregnancy is a high risk

If diabetes is compensated, the woman will have a pregnancy like any other pregnant woman. The risk only exists if diabetes is out of control. If this happens, the potential problems are miscarriage, poor fetal development, and premature delivery.

In the case of gestational diabetes, that is to say, that develops specifically in pregnancy, the obstetrician accompanying prenatal care will indicate the specific treatment and the woman will need extra care with food.

Natural juices are banned in the diet of the patient with diabetes

Not everyone. "The juice of lemon, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple are released because they are fruits with low glycemic index." The problem is high-fructose fruit juices, such as orange, mango and melon, "says Claudia. an exclusive disease of obese people

"Although 90% of cases of type 2 diabetes, which affects adults and obese adults, there is 10% of type 1 diabetes, which occurs in children and adolescents and originates Genetics, without relation to obesity ", says Rodrigo.

There is emotional diabetes

Cláudia says that many patients think that the diabetes they have been caused by stress, but clarifies that does not exist. "When a person has a predisposition to the disease, stress can activate the hormones that will cause it to develop, but stress alone does not cause diabetes."

Who eats a lot of sugar will develop diabetes

O consumption of sugar, according to Rodrigo, does not have to do with a possible development of diabetes. "There are people who eat a lot of sugar and practice a lot of exercise, that is, there is compensation and sugar does not harm health. The problem is to eat too much sugar or too much fat, not exercise and obesity. , but it's the general situation, not just because of sugar, "he concludes.

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