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8 Common questions about skin allergy in infants

8 Common questions about skin allergy in infants

The skin of the baby is much more delicate than that of the adult. "At birth, the baby presents the dermis 40-60% less than the adult. This may increase the absorption of some substances and also the chance of irritation," says pediatric dermatologist Ana Elisa Kiszewski Bau, associate professor of Dermatology of the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre and member of the Society of Pediatrics of Rio Grande do Sul. According to the specialist, the most accepted is that the skin of the children suffer much less irritations around the 8 years of

In addition, little ones lose much more water than adults and do not have their protective barrier or developed sweat glands, as pediatrician Fabíola La Torre reminds us. .

With this, it is normal to have doubts about allergies in the skin of the little ones. My Life has talked to experts to clarify these issues and to help concerned parents and parents:

What products cause most allergies and irritations in children?

Skin allergies in children are most caused by items that come in

"Wool clothing, synthetic fabric, nylon or flannel and chemical agents such as talc, shampoo or moisturizing cream are the most common cause of allergies," explains Fabíola.

How to care for baby clothes?

The ideal is to choose pieces of cotton, a natural tissue that lets the skin breathe and rarely causes allergies . Washing is also a very important item. "Always wash the pieces before the first use", explains Fabíola.

It is worth mentioning that the use of products specially developed for children is essential, since they are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Avoiding products with strong perfumes is also a care that should be taken. In addition, parents should seek to use balanced pH products that are best suited for delicate skin.

What other care can prevent allergies in children?

"In general, avoid products that are very fragrant, which are very foamy and colorful, "explains Ana Elisa. This is because these products contain more additives that can cause skin problems in children.

Even when it comes to bathing, it is only good to use toiletries once, even if you bathe the baby more than once in a day . "The use of shampoos and soaps in excess is quite common and can cause problems in the skin of the baby, especially dryings, irritations, but also of an allergic order", emphasizes the dermatologist pediatrician.

What is the difference between allergy and irritation?

Although very confused, allergy and irritation are different frames. "Irritation, also called irritative contact dermatitis, can develop when a substance damages the skin after its contact," explains the pediatric dermatologist Ana Elisa.

Already in the allergy scenario, the allergen when coming in contact with the skin activates the immune system, sensitization taking place. When there is a second contact, the allergic reaction occurs.

According to the pediatrician Fabíola, the reaction also changes: "In an allergic situation, some examples of symptoms are itchy skin, spots and blisters. a scratching lesion, a red inflammation that does not swell, "says the expert. Allergy is an immune reaction and can also come into contact with the body inhaled or ingested, Fabíola adds.

When a product or tissue is bothering the baby's skin, some signs manifest first: "itching, red spots or rough redness on the skin with formation, in some cases , of small blisters, "describes Fabíola.

In these cases the ideal is to seek help from a pediatrician who can identify the problem or indicate that parents seek a specialized doctor to treat their child's skin. What Causes Your Baby's Allergy?

Single parents usually can not figure out what factor is causing the allergies. "In children under the age of three, identification will be made through expert evaluation and a thorough medical history." "Children may make contact tests," he says.

How is the treatment for babies with skin allergies?

The most basic treatment of skin allergies is the withdrawal from contact with the allergen in question.

"The specialist will be able to indicate which medicines the child should take, such as antihistamines, corticosteroids, among others," Fabíola says.

Como to ease the symptoms?

Children who have uncomfortable skin irritations can take relaxing baths throughout the day without the use of products, just fresh water and a little chamomile. Apart from these natural measures, the rest of the treatment should be indicated by specialists.

"The application of creams with medicines and antiallergics should be used only with medical prescription", says Ana Elisa.

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