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8 Different exercises to transform your life

8 Different exercises to transform your life

On Monday, everything world feels a little more excited to think about gym and have a healthier life. As the day goes by, the excuses are gathering on the office table: a lot of work, little time, stress in the heights, endless meetings. And, in that way, physical activity is coming to an end. We hardly realize it, but so many justifications only benefit the great villain of this story: sedentarism.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sedentarism is the fourth biggest risk factor for global mortality, besides being responsible for many other health complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, disorders such as depression and anxiety, obesity and colorectal and breast cancer, according to research published in the journal Lancet. Being on the move, therefore, is not just about fitness, but about health as a whole, involving quality of life, well-being and self-esteem.

Turning this game around and becoming more active is not an impossible mission. The WHO recommendation is for people to practice at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, ie half an hour of exercise for at least five days. Simple, is not it? And this time of dedication to the health of body and mind need not be regarded as boring, unmotivated. It is possible to transform exercise into a hobby or even a great passion.

This is what Gympass believes: everyone can find a modality or physical activity to love, as explained by Paloma Ishii, marketing director of Gympass Brazil, platform that sells monthly plans that give access to more than 16,000 academies and studios throughout Brazil. In addition, Gympass is present in 13 other countries.

According to Paloma, the initiative has emerged to overcome functional and emotional barriers of including physical activity in the routine. "Many people stop exercising because of the financial issue or the difficulty of reconciling activity with work, in addition to those that discourage routine. And Gympass came as a new way of experiencing physical activity, with the possibility of experiencing and to show different modalities and places of practice with a fixed amount, "he explains.

With a single monthly fee, you can attend Gympass partner studios and studios throughout the country, with access to different types of physical exercises, traditional to the more unusual. The plans are affordable and cost from R $ 69.90 per month. Just choose the one that best meets your need and look for the nearest gym. This way, you can train anywhere, at any time of the day.

To train alone or with co-workers

In addition to the possibility of investing in an individual plan of the program, there is also the Gympass for companies. It works like this: Interested companies become Gympass's partners and offer their employees a discount on a certain plan as a form of benefit at a reduced cost. "The idea is to encourage employees to live a more active life, with more physical and mental health, as part of the company's quality of life program, and we offer reports and data that allow companies 'HR to evaluate employees' adherence to the benefit. "

move and exacerbate their sedentary lifestyle on their own or in the company of other people. The important thing is to be open-minded and to choose activities that really bring pleasure, which is key to making practice a part of your life routine.

Below you will find some suggestions of classes and activities offered by Gympass, among 600 options that improve health, define the body and still make the hours fly by, without you noticing. Choose your favorite and good class!

Circus lessons

The circus is not just for good laughs. Transformed into fitness mode, the arena acts as a great escape valve for exercising and sending stress away. After warming up and stretching, students can choose different devices that enhance strength, balance and body awareness, such as unicycle, cloth, lyre and trapeze. The space is also protected by mattresses, which guarantees safety to the practitioners. In addition to having fun, you can burn calories and strengthen the muscles of your lower limbs, upper limbs, and abdomen.


Sometimes all you need is that "jerk" of a physical activity practiced in pairs or group. This is the case of climbing, an exercise that can be done in the company of other adventurers and helps to shape the body, working the muscles in a balanced and complete. In addition to being a low impact activity for the joints, climbing can be done by anyone and is relatively simple and can replace traditional bodybuilding. One hour of climbing class can burn up to 700 calories.

Pole dance

Dance or exercise? We can say that pole dance is a fun and exciting mix of the two. Explaining in a very simple way, the practice consists of movements of force and balance around a vertical metal bar. Pole dancing requires a lot of the upper and lower body muscles, since all movement depends on the work of strength of the practitioner. This exercise also spends a lot of calories in one hour of class and, of a break, leaves you with a flat stomach and firmer arms, as well as ensuring flexibility for the body as a whole.


If you consider yourself an impatient and agitated person, maybe it's time to open your heart to powerjump, an exercise that combines low to high heels on a small trampoline, as if it were a joke on the trampoline. The exercise, which is basically aerobic, improves the cardiorespiratory system and helps burn many calories, with extra provision guarantee to enjoy the day. But it does not stop there: powerjump, besides burning fat, helps to define the muscles, is champion in the fight against cellulite and still protects knees and hips from injuries due to high impact physical activities, as in the case of the race. > Acro Yoga

Do you like yoga, but do you prefer something a little more intense? The solution is in Acro Yoga, which combines acrobatics, yoga and massage classes. Those who do this class try everything a little: traditional yoga postures, Thai massage and meditation techniques, strength and relaxation movements and more. In addition to stretching and strengthening the muscles, improving the flexibility of the body, Acro Yoga also works the mind and human relations, developing the team spirit and values ​​like delivery, confidence, detachment and responsibility.

Hidro Bike

An interesting alternative to swimming and other activities in the pool, the hydro bike (or hydrocycle) works as a kind of water aerobics, but with the advantage of submerged bicycles. Exercise is recommended for those seeking to improve posture and balance safely, as water reduces body weight by as much as 40%, and decreases impact on joints. This activity, besides fun and refreshing, improves physical conditioning and provides shapely legs, since the lower limbs are the most worked during the lesson. And the joke also helps you lose weight: an hour of exercise can burn up to 500 calories.


Another way out of sedentary lifestyle is to turn some current hobby into exercise with regular dedication and practice. If you like dancing, for example, you can invest in zumba classes, an activity that combines intense aerobic exercises with Latin rhythms such as salsa and merengue. And it's not easy, you see? In an hour of class, you can lose up to a thousand calories. But the advantages of this modality go beyond weight loss and strengthening of the buttocks. As it is a dance loaded with sensuality, zumba still improves self-esteem and promotes social interaction among students, details that make all the difference to the feeling of well-being after practicing exercise.Boxing

For those looking for a more intense and radical option to exercise, the tip is to consider some form of fighting, as in the case of boxing, which works the entire body without rest. In this activity, the practitioner needs to perform many distinct movements, which improves the definition of arm and leg muscles. But boxing's greatest attractions are the results of physical exercise in the abdominal region, with guaranteed belly guarantee and defined and a thinner waist. In addition, boxing is an excellent sport for those who need to overcome tension, stress and accumulated energy.

So, let's enjoy all these modalities with Gympass?

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