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8 Easy ideas to assemble low carb boilers

8 Easy ideas to assemble low carb boilers

Low carb foods are the new darling of the moment for those who want to follow a diet that allows them to lose weight fast. However, following a low-carb diet is not an easy task, as your approach is to reduce the amount of carbohydrate ingested.

The guideline in a conventional diet is that 50 to 55% of what you eat in the day is carbohydrate. In low-carb methods, the macronutrient can make up 45% to 5% of what is consumed in a day. However, it is important to note that extreme reduction of carbohydrates, somewhat below 40%, even provides weight loss, but it will not be healthy and can have a number of serious health consequences.

Not all vegetables and veggies which are low carb, so it is very important to be aware of foods that can be consumed. The main vegetables that are characterized by the low amount of carbohydrates are zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, watercress, peppers, asparagus, eggplant, spinach, cucumber, onion, chuchu, leeks, and lettuce.

In addition, fruits can contain a large amount of fructose and are not indicated for people who wish to eat this diet. In this way, the most indicated fruits are avocado, strawberry, peach, melon and coconut.

The best way to make your diet calmer is to prepare your meals in advance, leaving the kettles ready for heating only when hunger strikes. To help you get inspired, we have selected some simple options for you to prepare at home. Check it out:

1. The youtuber Fernanda Perins loves to vary in the menu of the pots, always trying to make fast, practical and delicious recipes. Among the main low-carb options prepared by it are cauliflower rice, ground beef strogonoff with mushrooms, ground beef with sweet potatoes (can be replaced with lighter vegetables) and braised cabbage. Once cooked the kettles can be frozen and you just need to warm up to eat this fresh and healthy food.

Kettles can be nutritious and easy to make - photo: Instagram

2. Having dedication is essential when starting a diet, and mining company Micaela Ohana has shown that she has this characteristic, since she takes her meals to college. And to make a difference in food she prepared this amazing zucchini lasagna with ricotta.

Planning meals in advance will help in routine - photo: Instagram

3. The São Paulo Fer uses her Instagram as a daily low carb food, serving as inspiration for many people. In 6 months, she was able to lose more than 10 kg. In these kettles, she combined ground beef, broccoli and squash. However, it is possible to note that it loves to vary in food.

Kettles guarantee satiety and health weight loss - photo: Instagram

4. The model Gracyanne Barbosa follows an extremely strict diet, so the kettles are her great companions between meals. One of the darling foods to lose weight is asparagus, which is not lacking in its menu. How to make this fast and healthy recipe for roasted fish in the oven, steamed broccoli and asparagus.

Choosing the right foods made the low carb diet easier - photo: Instagram

5. The nutritionist works Fernanda Scheer is always giving great tips for those who want to maintain a healthy diet, in addition to teaching delicious recipes. For those on a low carb diet, this chicken stroganoff meal with yam, roasted chuchu and salad is a great choice, and can be frozen and eaten during the week.

Low carb diet reduces the amount of carbohydrate ingested - photo: Instagram

6. Changing eating habits can be easier than many imagine, just have persistence in what you want. After slimming over 20 kg, youtuber Kéfera has created an Instagram to share a bit about how to follow a healthy life. This recipe of eggs with spinach, corn and shredded chicken in coconut oil is an alternative to low carb foods, leaving the meal rich and nutritious

With the kettles it is possible to eat well without leaving the diet - photo: Instagram

7. Do not know how to vary more in low carb meals? Nutritionist Alessandra Luglio, who attends fitness muse Gabriela Pugliesi, teaches recipes that can help you. One of her tips is these salad kettles with yellow tomatoes, tofu grilled in olive oil and quinoa salad with turmeric and dark green leaves.

The low carb diet has several health benefits, but attention needs to be paid to the choice of food - photo: Instagram

8. Presenter Bela Gil is known for teaching various practical, tasty and very healthy recipes. Recently, she posted an image on the Instagram talking about the advantages of always going with her kettles and how difficult it is to find some food that satisfies her desire to feed herself well and consciously. On her Youtube channel she teaches various recipes for all tastes. For those who are following a low carb diet that combination of sauteed vegetables, black lentil and quinoa is a great choice.

Armoires are healthy option to keep fit - Photo: Instagram

Yogurt and fruit smoothie recipe

Yogurt and fruit smoothie recipe

If you get tired of always eating the same foods, a good alternative is prepare different recipes. Ingredients 200ml of natural yoghurt 200g of frozen fruit (banana and mango) 2 brazil nuts 1 leaf of honey Honey (optional) How to prepare Beat the yogurt with the fruits in the blender. The more frozen the fruit is, the more creamy the drink will be.


The best nutrients for male fertility

The best nutrients for male fertility

Many men do not have the cause of infertility as evidenced by doctors. They are men whose treatment is more difficult and prolonged, mainly in search of an improvement in the spermogram and in the other tests that are used to evaluate the fertility. Eless can be treated with some medicines and vitamins with the intention of improving fertility, although many of them do not have adequate scientific evidence to support such a benefit.