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8 Erotic products to warm the climate

8 Erotic products to warm the climate

Your relationship has fallen into the rut and you no longer know how to change it? Calm down, we'll help you. The first step is to talk to your partner to understand what is missing in the relationship. Already the next task is to look for methods of pleasure that please both, thus helping to increase the libido and warming the climate for you. To help, My Life has selected the most popular erotic products of the moment that will make all the difference when it comes to spice up the relationship. Check it out:

1. Prudence Fire Condom - $ 2.99

The accessory promises to make your sex hotter and more exciting. In contact with the body, the lubricant provides a delightful sensation for the man and the woman.

Prudence Fire condom - photo: Divulga / Prudence

2. Vibrator Oral Sex - $ 159.90

This product is a vibrator that simulates oral sex. In spite of performing a powerful stimulation, the product has a silicon tongue with soft and soft touch, according to the manufacturer.

Oral Sex Vibrator - photo: Divulgaçà £ o / Á sos

3. Tantra Oil for Sensual Massage - R $ 49,90

The oil was developed for couples who want to bring new sensations to bed. 100% natural product with Bergamot aroma, a citrus fruit also known for its aphrodisiac power.

Tantra oil for sensual massage - photo: Press Release / Solo

4. Gel Ball Cat Fire and Ice, $ 3.00

The edible gel is perfect for oral sex, with a warming and cooling effect, plus strawberry flavor. It has everything to offer moments of great pleasure to two.

Gel Ball Cat Fire and Ice - photo: Disclosure / SexyHot

5. This product is used in pompoarismo, being ideal to improve the feminine sexual practice and serving like stimulator of the intimate region. The practice of this exercise is an excellent ally for the well-being of the body and the increase of sexual pleasure.

LoveBALL polka dots - photo: Divulgata / Ásós

6. Massage candle - R $ 26,00

To use it, it is necessary to melt the oil for 5 minutes and, when the surface is liquid, it is only to spread through the body of the partner and enjoy the moment . In addition, the oil is edible.

Massage candle - photo: Disclosure / INTT

7. Hot Ball Explosive Ball Kisses Very Grape - $ 3.80

Kissable explosive balls burst in the body and in the intimate regions, releasing a scented oil that lubricates the place. The gelatin capsules quickly dissolve in contact with body heat, leaving no residue.

Hot Ball Explosive Ball Beija Muito Uva - photo: Disclosure / HotFlowers

8. Tenga Egg Cool Masturbator Tenga EGG is an egg-shaped silicone masturbator, produced to stretch the entire length of the penis, and from there, the masturbation is done with the hands on it . Perfect for playing alone or for two, since the thickness guarantees sensation inside and out.

Tenga Egg Cool Masturbator - photo: Divulga / Tenga

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