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8 Foods that bombarded in 2017 (and will continue to rise next year)

8 Foods that bombarded in 2017 (and will continue to rise next year)

Kefir is one fermented milky drink originated centuries ago in the Caucasus mountains, with a slightly sour and refreshing taste, similar to yogurt. But it is much healthier and more powerful than its cousin because it contains a large population of yeast and beneficial bacteria. Kefir also provides valuable vitamins, minerals and easily digestible proteins. He is a super probiotic with numerous beneficial actions in the body, notably in our immunity. Learn more about it here.

2. Kombucha

The kombucha has the first reports about its origin registered in 221 a.C., in China, however, only now it is becoming popular. The complicated name drink, whose appearance is similar to a natural soda, is a fermented tea with an acid and sweet flavor. Kombucha is the result of a culture of microorganisms called kombucha mushroom, zoogleia or biofilm. The beverage is fermented by a mass of microorganisms present in teas such as green, mate or black and is mixed with water and sugar. Understand more about its benefits.

3. Lemon

Lemon is considered one of the most potent detox foods, as it helps in the elimination of accumulated toxins (environmental and alimentary), has alkalizing action, besides helping in digestion. By being rich in vitamin C and flavonoids it prevents against cancer, strengthens the immune system, is a natural anti-inflammatory, protects cellular DNA, lowers blood pressure and leaves blood vessels elastic and resistant. It helps you lose weight because, in addition to fewer calories (20 per unit), it has many important nutrients to metabolize glucose and oxidize fats. See more information on how to consume it here.

4. Avocado

Originally from Guatemala, the Antilles and Mexico, there are more than 500 avocado varieties, so this fruit can be found in so many shapes, sizes and colors. In general, the avocados have rough bark of green or violet color, soft edible pulp and large and smooth core. Avocado is one of the fruits that has the most fat, but its fat is mostly monounsaturated, considered beneficial for human health. Avocado contains basically 4 types of fatty acids, palmitic acid (a type of saturated fat), oleic acid or omega 9, palmitoléico or omega 7 acid and linoleic acid or omega 6, and approximately 63% are omega 9, a type of monounsaturated fat. Check out other information on avocado here.

5. Café Marita

Café Marita is a drink that acts as a food supplement and blends ingredients with active ingredients that can help you lose weight. The product version "Café Marita 3.0" mixes soluble gourmet coffee, psyllium, mate and mangostana garnínia fruit. Learn more about it here.

6. Peanut paste

Peanut paste satisfies hunger, is tasty, nutritious and good for health. Many confuse and find that high-fat peanuts are part of the oilseed group, such as nuts, nuts, and almonds. In fact, peanuts are a legume, closer to beans. Half the composition of peanut butter is fat, and the other half is composed of protein (25%), carbohydrate (20%) and fiber (5%). It is an excellent source of vitamin E and B vitamins, mainly B3, B6, folate and biotin. See the recommended amount to consume.

7. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a number of health benefits. It contributes to weight loss, has antioxidant action, protects the liver, prevents diabetes, cramps, diuretic action and improves joints and digestion. The fruit undergoes a fermentation process by beneficial yeasts and by bacteria called acetobacter. The natural sugars are transformed into alcohol and then it is converted into acetic acid. The usual concentration in apple cider vinegar is 5% acetic acid and 95% water, plus some minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, such as polyphenols, which help to provide a distinct flavor and its numerous benefits. Understand more here.

8. Saffron

Saffron, also known as turmeric, Indian saffron and yellow ginger, is a root of the ginger family. Around the world there are more than 100 species of the Turmeric family, but the saffron we consume comes from Turmeric long. This seasoning stands out for its antiaging and antioxidant action and according to research the University of California is able to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Turmeric also protects against various types of cancer and has anti-inflammatory action. Check out more information here.

Eat a hearty breakfast

Eat a hearty breakfast

If you are in the habit of leaving home running without eating anything, stop already with this craze! The first meal of the day is so important that it pays to wake up ten minutes early to do it. After hours without food, the body needs to replenish energy as soon as it wakes up. "Ocafé in the morning causes our metabolism to work properly again, because at night it is slow and without energy," says nutritionist Daniela Jobst.


Food with carrageenan inflames the intestine and can cause diabetes

Food with carrageenan inflames the intestine and can cause diabetes

Inflammatory Agent Carrageenan has been used for decades as a thickener in a wide variety of foods, but a growing body of evidence raises questions about its safety. Studies have shown that carrageenan can cause inflammation, leading to diseases of the digestive tract, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, insulin resistance, diabetes and even cancer.