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8 Funny stories (and a little shameful) at the gym

8 Funny stories (and a little shameful) at the gym

Everyone was a beginner one day, was not it? And it is precisely at this stage, when we are trying to adapt to the routine of the academy and, of course, to learn to perform the exercises, that happen the funniest situations. At the time, of course, the will is to dig a hole and hide, but after the trauma goes away, the story gives a good laugh. You are not alone in this! Here are some reports that readers of My Life told in this post on our Facebook:

1. "Obviously I sat upside down"

"I went to use one of the bodybuilding machines and I, as a very fitness person who had never entered the gym before, obviously sat upside down, turning my back on the iron I should pull. he kept looking at me for a while, until he had the courage to say, 'Did you see, and if we tried to sit down in another way?' We learned it, did not we? - Augusto Assis

2. "It was all dirty with menstruation"

"I wanted to do a gym with personal trainer for my workout and, on the third day, the monkey. I went to the abductor chair and, opening and closing my legs, he called me in the corner and warned me that I was all dirty with menstruation ... Sumi from there! " - Rafaella Taquary Ferreira


"I was squatting on the Smith machine and at the last I could not get back up, but my instructor had gone to answer the phone ... I stood there all crooked, laughing alone, until she came to take the device off me. Luckily, the gym was empty! " - Jaki Flores

4. "At the end of my training I took a whey protein, which was not really my own. The shaker was identical, I took it out of the gym refrigerator and only touched it when I saw it my taste was the same, I do not know what else I had inside, I only know that I had a stomach ache for about four days.In the end, I took mine and drove me crazy with shame. I think it was a blight, because the owner was left without his whey. " -

Glaucia Von Groll 5. "His pants tore"

"I had just entered the gym, I was doing an abductive chair, opened and closed my legs with great will and strength, already finding me fitness.When suddenly a man who was in the front set comes in my direction and says, "Your pants tore." When I looked at it, I saw that the size of the palm of one hand had slipped out, and I was purple with shame. a week without going to the gym. " -

Flaviane Silva 6. "The board came down with everything and I was like SpongeBob SquarePants"

"My first time in the Leg Press, I went to sit on it very pretty. Then I noticed that it was full of washers, about 100 kilos, but I did not find it When I released the lock, the board came down with everything and I was like SpongeBob, speaking without air: 'aaaai teacher helps here.' The eye almost jumped from his face. -

Geovana Cristina 7.

"I went to the gym all excited, I thought, 'I'm going to do two direct lessons today.' I arrived, I packed my bag and I went to the treadmill soon. and when I was 20 minutes, I stopped and went to the bathroom and there I saw that he had not changed his clothes, he was wearing jeans shorts and slippers. " -

Flaviane Silva 8. "It was in those days and I took an inner absorbent held in the top between the breasts. It was a day of zumba and during the dance the absorbent fell from my top and went rolling in the middle And I wanted to disguise to get it, but there was no way, the people started to laugh and I was purple with shame. -

Claudia Holland

My Life edited the testimonials just to make them clearer and more concise.

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