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8 Health mistakes we made soon after waking

8 Health mistakes we made soon after waking

You can find who is cheating the alarm clock, but it is his body that is made of fool by pressing the "snooze" button on the clock. "It can do badly, because if you have a fractioned sleep, which is of second quality, and you end up telling the body that it can sleep like that, which is not right," teaches the sleep medicine doctor Geraldo Lorenzi Filho.

Wash your hair with warm water

Avoid very hot water as it can cause irritation to the scalp, stimulating the production of sebum and favoring oiliness, which also inhibits the growth of the threads. According to the dermatologist Vaicinir Bedin, the ideal is to wash with water at temperatures lower than 25 degrees, and preferably on alternate days.

Skip breakfast

Many studies have proven that people who jump the breakfast are four times more likely to be obese, compared with those who do not dispense this meal. That's because breakfast is the day's meal that wakes our body, our cells and enzymes early on, producing a greater burn of calories and fats.

Plus, breakfast also helps protect against illness. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that skipping this meal may increase the risk of heart disease. The reason is that jumping the meal will make you hungrier at the end of the day, resulting in a higher intake of food in the evening. This habit can cause metabolic and cardiac changes

Brushing the teeth very hard

It is very common to think that putting strength in the brushing is synonymous with cleaning. But not quite. The brushing technique should be performed without the use of force. "In addition to causing recession of the gums, very strong brushing causes enamel wear, leaving the dentin unprotected," says dentist Ivany Kabbach of Smile Again. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to brush the teeth with soft and short movements, without too much pressure on the brush - it is not the force that will determine the cleaning of the teeth, but the movements.

To use a cloth towel

To wash hands and wiping them on a fabric that has been used dozens of times by different people is worse than being left unwashed. The cloth towel, kept moist and in a sunless environment, is the right shelter for microorganisms. Have your own towel or just use disposable paper to wipe your hands.

Rubbing the eyes

The habit of rubbing the eyes constantly increases dark circles and this occurs due to two mechanisms: first because the act irritates the skin of the region . "Melanin acts as a protection, accumulating in the affected region," explains dermatologist Mônica Aribi, effective member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the Brazilian Society of Dermatologic Surgery (SBCD). Therefore, people who have a genetic tendency to accumulate melanin in the area should avoid rubbing their eyes frequently. In these cases, the use of local moisturizers and massages will help.

Discharge with the toilet lid lifted

When the discharge is triggered, micro droplets of a very dubious liquid can be spread throughout the bathroom and in your own laundry. "This is harmful, because this content carries intestinal bacteria, which spread and settle in the environment and everything that is nearby, so always discharge with the lid closed," says allergist Rosaly Vieira, Clinica Otorrinos Curitiba

Barefoot walking through the bathroom

You may have never thought about it, but even the act of walking barefoot between the surroundings can be a way of spreading microorganisms around the house. "If the floor is not properly cleaned, it really can be a problem, especially since the bathroom usually has fecal bacteria," Rosaly recalls."In addition, due to the moisture present in the space, fungal growth can occur, which can cause the famous athlete's foot," says dermatologist Tatiana di Perrelli. Therefore, it is important to remember that cleaning the bathroom should be done with soap and water on a daily basis and once a week cleaning should be done with some type of disinfectant.

Menopause and cigarette smoking can cause vaginal atrophy

Menopause and cigarette smoking can cause vaginal atrophy

A lack of estrogen causes vaginal atrophy (AV), which is a condition characterized by: dryness, inflammation and thinning of skin and mucosal structures that line the genitals and urinary tract infections. The estrogen hormone is responsible for the maintenance of collagen that maintain the elasticity, thickness, moisture of the skin and its vascularization.


Study shows that dengue has a 37.5% chance of being transmitted by transfusion

Study shows that dengue has a 37.5% chance of being transmitted by transfusion

The Journal of Infectious Diseases showed that during the dengue epidemic, 0.51% of people who were blood donor blood donors were infected with the dengue virus during the epidemic in 2012. Among the patients who received these contaminated blood bags, 37.5% developed the disease, but there were no more serious cases of the disease.