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8 Profiles on Instagram that will inspire your day

8 Profiles on Instagram that will inspire your day

On the way to work or on the lunch break, Social networking can be the time when you find yourself calm. And how about putting a hint of inspiration in the photos of your friends? We selected eight profiles that you can follow in Instagram if you are looking for a routine with more enthusiasm:

1 - To be the difference


Want to change the world around you? This profile proposes to start with you. Every day, a new phrase for you to take the first step.

2 - Motivation 24h

@ motivacao24h

This Instagram is black in white. Every day, a simple message that will make you stand up and seek to be better.

3 - Coach Renata Passos


Is it a reflection that you are looking for? In this account, coach Renata Passos will inspire you to find your life purpose

4 - Life On A Draw


To color the feed, we indicate this profile, which links cute illustrations and many messages that will make you think about life

5 - Neologismos


In this account, writer Matheus Rocha shares thoughts in sentences that will talk directly to you

6 - Follow The Balloons

7 - A Card


In this profile, handwritten messages bring the truths that sometimes

8 - My Life


How about following us on Instagram too? Our profile is filled with touches that inspire and inform you to have a full life.

Live up to 20 more years with six habits, including smiling

Live up to 20 more years with six habits, including smiling

Eat More Fibers Biological Age proper functioning of the intestine. True, but they are not just for that. "Fibers play a number of important roles, such as helping to assimilate other nutrients, reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), prevent disease and even prevent bad breath," explains nutritionist Daniela Jobst.


Understand when depression becomes fatal

Understand when depression becomes fatal

Suicide and depression are very related. But it is very important to note that not all people who have a depressive disorder are at risk of committing suicide. The tendency to take one's life is related to some factors, the most important of which are the following: The severity of the depressive picture: in severe depressive disorders, the suicide attempt is much higher The use of alcohol and drugs: which can cause depressive states after use and are extremely serious, since they potentiate existing depressive states Personal existential situations with a sum of factors: age, presence of a chronic or terminal illness, hopelessness Presence of psychological traumas such as child sexual abuse.